Light Messenger

Volume 14, Chapter 7




Editor's Note: The following information was given as Hurricane Ike was moving in the Atlantic and heading toward the Gulf of Mexico during the first week of September.

David: “We are here.”

Response: “Welcome, David. How do you wish to proceed?”

David: “First, we are doing what we can to channel the energy that you collectively put forward and that we can utilize against the force of the hurricane, remembering what we said, that one can only seek to diminish its power, not to change its direction. Are we understood?”

Response: “Yes.”

David: “As the entity (Richard) has indicated, it would be wise to take a moment to try to bring balance to the forces that are operating. One cannot stop nature, but one can tend to reduce its impact. Let us all take a moment to concentrate upon the hurricane called Ike, to diminish its power.... (short group silent visualization). It is well.

Each should, this evening before retiring, meditate upon the storm and visualize the force of the light in counter rotation to the direction of the hurricane.”

Response: “That is the clockwise rotation?”

David: “That is correct. Hurricanes, for some reason, go in a counter clockwise rotation; therefore, think of light, a cone of light, rotating in a clockwise manner, literally stalling part of the energy.”

Question: “Is there some sort of psychic disturbance generated with all this hurricane activity? It seems to be affecting everyone's personality with a higher level of concern or vibration.”

David: “We find it interesting. Actually the hurricane changes energies like a breath of fresh air. It recharges the atmosphere and changes the ionic balances. If one is wise, one draws upon that energy to have more power for oneself.”

Question: “Concerning this hurricane season, are we looking at the tip of the iceberg? Are there going to be a lot more hurricanes?”

David: “There are more behind them. You have seen, as we mentioned earlier this year, that you would have an active season. I could say that we can consider this a very active time period, and you are in the what, halfway mark in the hurricane season?”

Response: “Yes.”

David: “Easily developed, Ike could become a 4, yet there is a possibility that in the natural currents if the cold from the North swung downward and cooled the waters, then the hurricane could not gain such power. At the moment, Ike is considered moving forward under tremendous power and could even reach a number 5. The path that he is taking would bring him right into the Florida Keys. Do you understand?”

Response: “Yes, also the Turks and Caicos Islands where I own property.”

David: “We understand, but that is a small problem. To you that is a large problem, but in relationship to the number of souls to be involved, it is nothing. He is also headed for Cuba, the Bahamas, and Haiti, where the death toll is over a hundred now.”

Response: “165 in Haiti.”

David: “These are serious situations. Why men would build a house on the edge of a volcano, I do not understand, but you are there, so all they can do every time there is a threat, is to try to bring together the energy necessary to diminish that threat. As he comes closer, Ike may weaken, and if that does happen, focus your minds once again on making it weaker still. Hurricanes have been known to die suddenly in the middle of the Ocean. Yes, it is a year of many.

Earlier, the question was asked why so many, in places like Haiti and the Dominican Republic, have had to suffer so. It is a question that, of course, is natural to the mind. We remind you that while the numbers there were terrible in the loss of human life, do not forget what has happened in China by their earthquake and mine disaster. These are events that are natural within the world. He who lives on an island in the path of storms, shall eventually meet his storm. He who builds his house upon a geological fault, shall eventually know the power of an earthquake. Thus it has been for all time. And yet, in many countries such as Central and South America, the people still insist upon building their homes and farms right at the base of volcanoes. Or shall we talk of the island of Martinique and its problems?”

These are natural events, and if we think of it in the sense of a karmic event, the only karmic event was being born upon that place. It is not a selection, it is simply an event. If you stepped outside with the clothes you are wearing in the polar ice caps, you will die in a few minutes from exposure. It would not be a karmic factor, it would simply be part of reality. If the space astronaut took off his helmet outside in space, he would die for a lack of atmosphere.

These events are tragic and hard to deal with, but the numbers and the photographic scenes are what make them worse. We would think a return to the older form would be better. Show damaged buildings if you will, talk of numbers, but show not the bodies of those who have perished. Death has no dignity in its form. But remember, while it may be of little comfort, that the consciousness of man is eternal, and the body is simply a vehicle for a short period of time. If we could but show each person what the reality of the universe and life is, then all would be in line to leave this existence you call physical. Proceed.”

Question: “I am looking at the financial situation dealing with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. The rumor is that they are going to let them come apart. Is that a possibility, or is the government going to step in and support them? You spoke to me last week, advising me about trying to get honey out of a bee's hive. This financial situation could be played in the short position.”

David: “As you term the playing with the short, is it like betting with the house in a casino?”

Response: “Basically, it is selling the stock now and buying it back when it falls apart.”

David: “That is an idea, but it requires a great deal of energy and attention. It requires almost split second decisions. You saw the graph of how rapidly it changes.”

Response: “It changed this week quite rapidly.”

David: “Despite it occurred in July in a one day spike. You would have to literally spend at least 4 hours a day watching it in order to be able to try to take benefit of it. But let us go to your other entities, the mortgaging groups, such as Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. It is not in the best interest of the government to allow them to fall apart. That only creates more of a recession and more inflation, as well as a collapse of the whole market. Now that the campaign has begun, it behooves the existing administration to at least provide guarantees for them so that they do not fail, thereby giving a candidate of the incumbent party a greater opportunity. Do you understand?”

Response: “Yes, I think I do.”

David: “Neither party would not wish to see that occur. It is not a time for the country to show instability, it is the time for it to show strength. There are too many areas of dangers. The European market has lost billions of dollars in the US mortgage market as well; therefore, there is pressure worldwide to bring stability to the mortgage situation, and the government can easily do that by shoring up the existing institutions.”

Question: “The US dollar is strengthening as you predicted. Is it going to continue to strengthen against the other currencies?”

David: “That is a good question. The dollar is strong, and yet you are in the middle of a political year. Everyone in the world is watching, but they also know that historically, in an election year, the dollar is strong. And depending upon the winner, and even not important which, there is a period of complacency that will last until at least March. We believe the dollar will continue to strengthen until at least that time period. But if the government does not show immediate action, then of course, it will slide backwards.”

Question: “The other issue is gas prices which have reduced below $4.00 per gallon. Is that going to turn around and come back up to the $5.00-$6.00 range?”

David: “It is.”

Response: “Before the new year?”

David: “That is possible, depending upon actions taken by the present administration to alleviate that. This is a reality. The fact that you can buy in one country that is an oil based country, gas for $1.00 per gallon or 25 cents per gallon, and in another pay $9.00 per gallon.

One needs to look at the reality of how much does it cost to produce a gallon of gas? The cost with profits are certainly more than $2.00 per gallon. There are taxes involved. If the government removes the tax on gasoline, then the price can be stabilized and held down. If it does not, then the price will rise again as we approach the Fall season. It is an uncertain market, but realize that a price between $4.00 and $5.00 per gallon is not unreal in today's world. You have competitors who want the gasoline and the diesel fuel and are willing to pay more for it than you are; therefore, your prices will go up. Proceed.”

Question: “I would be interested in your take on the new lady (Sarah Palin) who has come out of the woodwork.”

David: “That is a strange expression. The woman of whom you speak is the governor of the state of Alaska, is she not?”

Response: “True.”

David: “We find her refreshingly nave, but certainly willing to take on a challenge. The question, basically, is whether or not McCain has the health to last 4 years, and if not, within the time he has left, can he pass enough wisdom and knowledge to his second? The real question comes out of who is better for the country, and it is not necessarily who will win. Under one hand you have the Obama, what is the symbol of his party?”

Response: “The donkey.”

David: “I believe you refer to that as a jackass, is it not?”

Response: “Yes.”

David: “It is not the idea of change that is wrong, but there is much that is hidden from sight in the true feelings and beliefs in that person and his structure. We cannot say that he is negative, but we find that the energies are very hidden. It is very difficult to reach into their field and sense the positive balance. The Vice Presidential candidate, Biden I believe is his name, is a man well qualified in politics. I believe he entered the political arena at 29. He certainly knows his way through the system, and if the Obama did not survive, then he at least is capable of continuing. On the other hand, you have what appears to be a naivety, a nave structure with the McCain. And how is the lady called Palin? Their words are not as strong nor clear, except that one can at least believe that the heart is in the right place, as you would say. They believe in their words, but they have not made them profound.

In the long term, the country would be better served with the elephant, but that will be determined by the people themselves. There are many things that are hidden on the other side, and there are many forces against the Obama, and if he should win, it will be difficult to keep him alive. Those forces are at work even now, and already the government has intercepted more than one attempt to assassinate him.

It is a milestone in the history of the country, that one candidate comes from a race which never had its fair share of opportunity, and the other candidate brings forth a woman who also has never had the opportunity to step into this position. That is definitely a sign of change. There is, or there are many factors that affect McCain, but one of them is not deceit. His energy is open and we can read him. He is sincere. Whether or not he is capable of tackling the task at hand is another question. Either one would have to be Hercules cleaning the stables.”


Question: “Coconut oil used to be considered bad for you, but now there seems to be a reverse on that. Would you comment please?”

David: “We have no knowledge of any negative effect of coconut oil. We find that a strange thing. It has been part of the diet of many peoples for much time. Excessive amounts of any oil can be detrimental, but the use of coconut oil is much preferred to any others.

There are people who are making claims of research, investigations that are literally half made. Today one thing is good, tomorrow it is bad. We all understand that excess of any one thing can be detrimental to the health and well being. Any person could have allergies to a substance, but the majority of the natural food elements that we have are not detrimental to the health when dealt with or taken in the natural form. There are many people in the island regions, who depend upon coconut and coconut oil as a main staple in their diet. Many are healthier than you are. Proceed.”

Question: “I am planning to go to Canada at the end of September until mid October. Are there any situations that need to be addressed?”

David: “It is better to go North than South, and you need the recharge of the travel. Peculiar though it is, you do not like to travel, yet your body requires passing the latitude and longitude. We find it a suitable time to take advantage of the energies, they are unique in those time periods. You are traveling near full moon.”

Question: “ My name is ......... Do you have any information for me?”

David: “Number one, we think you are working too hard. We think you need to take a little more time to rest. We are concerned with your basic energy and the lack of movement from the area. When are you going to travel?”

Response: “We have no plans to travel.”

David: “When was the last time you traveled?”

Response: “Three years ago.”

David: “Don't you think a short trip would be in order?  We need for you to have some energy changes, not in the sense if you take a day trip, it were better a 2 day trip, at least to some place like Atlanta, or that distance. Do you understand?”

Response: "Yes."

David: “Your body needs the change. You need to change the energy field that you are within to help keep the recycling. You are doing well, but we find that there are certain fatiguing factors occurring, and we would like to see them refreshed. Proceed.”

Response: “I don't have any particular questions, but do you have any suggestions for me?”

David: “Our basic suggestion for you, is to go with your wife. It is the same for you. We recognize the great efforts that you have put forward in establishing what you are doing, but you also need the opportunity to take time to smell the roses. I know you have had the opportunities in the past, but let me make a point which is beneficial to everyone.


If we were in England, or in France, we would simply find a lay line and cross it, stepping across from one side to the other, or sit on it, and we would be able to accomplish. Here, we are in a very curious area of energy, which is quite beneficial, but you need to move to take advantage of it. Do you remember the science experiment where a coil of wire, a bulb and a magnet were used? Where the magnet was placed in and out of the coil and the bulb would illuminate?”

Response: “Yes.”

David: “That was because there were changes of the magnetic field passing through the coil. That is basically what happens to the person as they move from one point to another. So the object is to create an energy path by crossing energy zones. The closest way we can describe it for you is the latitude. Do you know what latitude you are at?”

Response: “No, I don't.”

David: “Do you know the relationship to Saint Augustine, Florida?   You are south of it, are you not?”

Response: “Yes.”

David: “Do you know the latitude of Saint Augustine?”

Response: “No.”

David: “Twenty nine degrees North latitude. Do you know what that means? Twenty nine degrees North latitude is the Great Pyramid of Cheops. It is the line of creation of civilization around the world. Take the globe and follow it, and it is the north of that line where civilization has developed and where the greatest creativity has been shown. Therefore, consider that line as a magic point, that crossing brings benefit. Are we understood?”

Response: “Yes, thank you. I hadn't planned on being here tonight, so I was not privy to that information.”

David: “You understand, and you understand the why; therefore, the details are not important. It is simply that when we have this much energy, we have a minion, which is actually 10 men. But in the true energy circles, we need 12, and with 12 people present and the energy we use, we have the energy to create a safe space for us. We have a much greater opportunity to apply healing energies.”

Question: “Should I consider changing my profession which is hairdressing?”

David: “Do you wish to change your profession?”

Response: “I feel I help a lot of people.”

David: “Is that not an excellent profession to help people?”

Response: “Yes.”

David: “Remember, when you have the opportunity to touch people, if you can maintain the positivity of your own energy, you are in a constant state of giving. And whether it is a hair stylist or barber or anyone who has opportunity to place hands, it is beneficial to the people. The legal system does not like you touching people to heal them. But when you are doing this in a proper format, whether it is a massage therapist, or hair stylist, or barber, or cosmetician, or even someone doing the feet... what do you call that?”

Response: “Reflexology? Pedicure?”

David: “Pedicure. Do you realize that you can heal more effectively through the feet than you can through the hands? It is interesting, and especially when the feet have been soaked in warm water and are being cleaned, it is a tremendous opportunity for healing. We recommend a foot massage frequently. We do not see a reason to change, there is no energy there. You seem to be in a good position of it. One must understand that most of us who have an open consciousness, drift toward that function which best serves others, not ourselves, and therein we can find our own reward and pleasure from knowing privately that we are able to do this without having to be public about it. And remember, in these times, even the ability to give a kind word, a smile and a reassuring thought to another, is worth more than gold. Proceed.”

Question: “I have a question about my wrist. Sometimes there is pain which comes and goes, and I don't have any control and I drop things.”

David: “That would appear to be a Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. If you take, at the time that it occurs, and massage the area directly beneath the collarbone (clavicle) at this point (showing the point between shoulder and breastbone beneath the collarbone), it may help. Also, you should check the Carpel Tunnel by pressing the small finger against the thumb and see if you can maintain a force between the two. If it persists, you should have it examined. It could be caused by calcification about a nerve, or a nerve that has moved to one side and is in danger of impingement. Warm is better than cold to treat such problems. You might also consider avoiding extremely cold water, immersing your hands in cold water, and protecting yourself in that manner. Using warmth and even covering that area with a simple wristband might be practical at time when it is bothering you, especially to sleep at night, if it is not too tight.”

Response: “I have a wristband with magnets in it. Would that help?”

David: “It will not. There is always this concept of magnetism, and magnetism has its effects upon the human body, but a magnetic can only affect the polarization of ions in the blood as they flow. A magnet could be more useful in dealing with circulatory problems than it can with stationary nerves and bones and cartilage. It is of no harm.”

Question: “I had a BioMeridian test done last week, and basically, I have information about my liver, spleen, stomach and my entire group system. What is the best way to get rid of the inflammation, which is probably due to stress and diet?”

David: “What is there in your diet that would cause that?”

Response: “Possibly soy milk, he said I should stop drinking soy milk.”

David: “There are persons who do not respond well to soy, just as there are persons who do not respond well to peanuts. Certainly, one should follow that advice and stop the soy to see if that be the case. You are aware of the pulse test, are you not?”

Response: “Yes.”

David: “Have you used it?”

Response: “No, I am only aware of the pulse test with acupuncture, and I am not sure.”

David: “Then you are not understanding. Let us tell, for the benefit of all, and we have mentioned this many times in the past. Each of you may have subliminal allergies to food substances. When there is suspicion of that possibility, you follow a simple procedure that was actually given almost 30 years ago by the late Doctor Nelson Decker.

Sit down in a relaxed position, as you are at this moment, take your pulse and note it. Do this a half hour before eating. Then a half hour after your meal, again sit in a relaxed position and take your pulse. If the pulse beat has increased more than 10 beats per minute, not 9, not 10, but more than 10 beats per minute, you are allergic to something you have eaten. By process of elimination you can determine what that food substance is.

When there is an allergic reaction, even if it is subliminal, there is a cardiac acceleration and the body tries to increase the blood flow to remove the toxins from the system. It does not mean you would show any of the symptoms of an allergic reaction, such as rash. It may only be seen that the pulse has increased. Do not ignore such a warning, and you may find that to be the case.

Now as to your problem of the inflammation, we suspect that you may also be taking excessive amounts of additives in the form of vitamins and elements. Are you taking calcium?”

Response: “Yes.”

David: “Are you taking vitamin D?”

Response: “No.”

David: “Are you taking mineral supplements? Are you taking selenium, magnesium, or manganese?”

Response: “I am taking a multivitamin, so I don't know everything that is in it.”

David: “We would recommend that for the period of at least one week, you abstain from the multi and the calcium. That does not unbalance the system. Also, we would recommend that you reduce your diet to its simplest form, and that is the liquid diet, for a period of at least 3 days, during which you may take clear juice or raw or even whole milk if you have no reactions to it, but no solid foods. That will allow the liver and the spleen to repair themselves.

The tension is a factor which only you can deal with. If you are tense, it will kill you. It is as simple as that. You must overcome tension. One cannot live in that state of being. The simplest form in dealing with tension is to recognize that it exists. Find the cause, reduce or eliminate it, and also remember that meditation is one of the finest ways of relaxing the body, and one who does not meditate at least twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening, is failing to produce the necessary balance of energy for the body. Do you understand?”

Response: “Yes. The other problem I have is my right knee. I think I have a torn ligament behind the kneecap, and the top of my leg is tight and has pain. Do you think I need a massage or do you think I need to get an MRI for the knee?”

David: “An MRI is not necessary, the knee is quite resilient, though that type of injury is very typical. It is quite painful at times. Massage, heat and a knee bandage, an elastic knee bandage would be the best recommendation. Be patient, it may take up to 2 weeks for that to reduce. Each evening you should wrap it in a soft gauze with a good cream underneath such as the Ben-Gay. Actually, a horse liniment is better.”

Response: I am still having a problem with my left ear, and the person who did my BioMeridian test said it has to do with some of the inflammation that is going on in my body, so I will do as you suggested, and hopefully, it will help my ear clear up. I am going to get the cap on my tooth replaced with porcelain, because he thinks that cap has nickel mixed in with the gold, and I am probably allergic to the cap, which is causing the problem with the left ear.”

David: “The porcelain is a good idea and that is for all to remember, that metal in your teeth is not a sound idea. The metals, the combinations can easily cause allergic reaction and even toxic reaction. Therefore remember, do not allow them, despite what they say, to use metal other than the stainless steel that is used to mount partials or bridges.”

Response: “If the porcelain does not take care of the problem, should I go ahead and get the tooth removed and have a bridge put in?”

David: “It would take some time before we know that. Let us deal with the problem when it occurs. At this moment, you are hypersensitive, therefore it is difficult to say. Are you taking folic acid?”

Response: “Yes, 400 mg per day.”

David: “That is micrograms, not milligrams. Double the quantity to 800 mcg per day. When one is in a semi or allergic state, folic acid helps produce the antihistamines that the body needs. It does not create problems with the liver or spleen, nor the stomach.”


Question: “I've thought about getting into gardening and have often heard of hydroponics. Is that a good procedure to follow?”

David: “Hydroponics is an excellent and very interesting form of gardening. It is very healthy, because you control exactly what goes into the plant, and therefore into the food or fruit that you will receive. Some things are easier to grow hydroponically than others, and it requires a small investment. But actually, a hydroponic farm can be easily set up in a porch or portion of the house and can be quite effective. It does require constant maintenance. One has to be aware of it at all times, but it is not necessarily an expensive process after the initial setup. We have seen people take plastic paint tubs and create hydroponic passivities. Remember, that the majority of the illegal drug marijuana is grown hydroponically in homes that have been rented, and they are set up in a matter of days.

The benefits of hydroponics are the elimination of soil and the ability to control the nutrients that are injected. Also, since hydroponics are usually a closed system, there is less of a problem of infestation by insects. Do you know the worm that is found on tomatoes, do you not?

Response: “Yes.”

David: “That worm does not exist in the hydroponic system. Proceed.”

Question: “My daughter is now old enough to drive. Her mother has suggested that I pay for her car insurance, which I cannot afford. As an alternative, should I give her my Chevy Lumina and let her mother pay for the car insurance?”

David: “She does not have a car at this time?”

Response: “No.”

David: “That would seem to be an economical solution for you. Are you obligated to any support at this time?”

Response: “No. I just went to court and I do not pay child support.”

David: “Has she had all the appropriate safety training courses?”

Response: “No, she has not been to driving school.”

David: “Don't you think that would be advisable before giving her a car? Remember, funerals are expensive. I would think that if you were to agree to either, you should make that a requirement. Otherwise, you would be handing a child a loaded gun. You have the natural responsibility to assist your daughter as best you can. The legal elements are unimportant. The obligation remains, but it is also your responsibility to try and protect her as best you can. And if she is going to be driving a vehicle, it should be with all of the tools necessary to do so well. Proceed.”

Question: “My mother passed away 3 months ago. Does she have a message for me?”

David: “It is too early for communication. There is a time when a soul passes. At what age did she pass?”

Response: “96”

David: “She will rest for some time. When she recovers, she will have the feeling of her thirties, and the recovery or transitional process will take time as she assimilates all of the experiences of her life and integrates them into her being as one complete element. At this time she is sleeping, as is the normal for a person of that age, but is well cared for. Proceed.”

Question: “I have to speak this question in Spanish.”

David: “One minute please. For the benefit of everyone here, Marlene is going to ask me some questions in Spanish. We have many readers and members of the Light Messenger from overseas who communicate with us constantly, and Marlene herself feels more comfortable in speaking her personal questions in Spanish, simply because of her knowledge of that language. So if you bear with us, the energy still holds beneficial to all.”

Question in Spanish....

David: “The question that was just asked in Spanish was based upon a reference that each and every one of you is a god, or a god in formation, and that you can create your own reality. But if you don't have the experience, or if you are trying to create a reality, then why does it fail? Why doesn't it work?

The answer to that is basic. First, your soul consciousness has the perfect map for you and your life. You, as you think, are ego consciousness, and you must try to unite yourselves with your soul consciousness. That is accomplished through meditation, and sometimes it takes a period of time, perhaps an hour a day of meditation. And I use the example of a monk in Tibet who can sit in the cold snow and ice of freezing temperatures and literally keep the space one meter away from his body free of snow and ice, and pass a day or two there without suffering from the cold. He has created his own universe, his own space.

What is the secret then to individual success? It is not alone to desire, and it is not enough to believe. Remember, that the word to believe means to entertain an element of doubt. The old word for it was faith, 'the faith of the grain of mustard seed,' as it is written. One should not say, 'I believe,' but one should say, 'I know.' And when one can create the balance within oneself, the knowing, and the action, but looking always for the action to be in harmony with all things, then one becomes a Creator. In a true sense of the word, you are gods in the becoming, because if we use the concept of Deity, a Deity of infinite knowledge does not mean infinite wisdom. Wisdom is obtained through experience. You therefore, collectively, are the experience of the consciousness of the Creator, forming the wisdom through your actions. Are there more questions?”

Question: “Yes, is it possible to know the name of my spirit guide?”

David: “Of course it is. All you have to do is ask your guide, and your guide will reveal a name to you in a manner in which you have chosen, either through dream, or through an idea or word occurring in your consciousness. Remember, a guide does not have an ego, therefore, a guide will accept any name, though there is a preferred energy vibration. My name is David, and I use the complete form Daveed Ha-Maggid, which means David the guide, but the entity (Richard) for many years simply referred to me as the guide. That was not a problem until it was more practical for him to use a name.

You may name your guide until you receive the name. That often works better to give your guide a name, and either way meditate upon it, but remember to speak to your guide everyday. They are just like the person seated next to you in the sense, they hear you, they understand you. Talk to them and tell them how they may answer you. The two methods most commonly used are thought placed in the mind, or in the dream state. But if you do communicate with them, they cannot help you.

Response: “Thank you, David.”

Copyright by Richard Rebeck, Peggy Steinberg,  Salvatore Cacciola