REFLECTIONS ON prayer and meditation
2016  Number 1

Peggia's Note – November 2016

Since the inception of the first Light Messenger in 1978, the Brotherhood and David have warned of the chaos and impending changes all over the world. As conscious spiritual beings, we use prayer and meditation to negate the darkness and bring light to the planet, but it requires constant discipline and time. Sometimes we are just too busy, too tired or too distracted to focus after our responsibilities during a hectic day in the 21st century. So... my Guide gave me an idea which I have found to be extremely helpful.

Develop a meaningful picture in your mind and whenever you think of it, you can focus on that picture for a brief moment in time. You could be riding in a car, eating your breakfast or waiting for an appointment. It only takes a moment and brings the awareness of what you want to create into focus. When I was in Hawaii, I experienced very frequent, brief, soft, misty, gentle rains, followed by beautiful rainbows. My picture entails seeing those same rains of light, falling over the earth and the planet at large, bringing nourishment and harmony while cleansing the atmosphere.

Never underestimate the power of visualization. It can work in any situation and can bring very positive results. I used this same technique with different pictures in an attempt to keep the eye of hurricane Matthew offshore when Florida was threatened, and it missed our coast by about 25 miles. Although I live in a high flood zone and had to evacuate, my home had no damage, while adjacent neighbors and others in the area suffered terrible losses. If the eye had come onshore, I probably wouldn't have a house today.

Peggy Steinberg

Edited by Peggy Steinberg