WORLD PRAYER by Salvatore Cacciola

Message from Sal Cacciola – November, 2016

Watching the news can be demoralizing with all of the negativity. Over the years I have asked myself what I could do on a spiritual level to help the planet. How could I look at events and create an avenue for Divine intervention or assistance? The days of “Give us our daily bread” were part of a simpler time. Today we need to be more specific.

I am reminded why being specific is so important. In Viet Nam on my first day in the boonies, I prayed to get me out of that situation. It was dark and we were walking through streams and strange environments without any moonlight. I could not see where I was going and in the process, I sprained my ankle pretty bad and was air lifted out to a nearby base. Little did I know, the base was about to be overrun, and I went from the frying pan into the fire. Had I been more specific, I should have prayed for protection in a safer place. I remember an associate who prayed for a free car as long as it wasn't green. Guess what he got? A green car! Never ask for what you don't want, because that is what you'll get. The same holds true for talking with children. Always tell them exactly what you expect or want from them.

I wrote the following “World Prayer” to use as a model or source of prayer for all spiritual energy workers and caring individuals who want to create a more positive influence in our world. Please feel free to change any words or ideas necessary to make it uniquely yours.

World Prayer

Divine Source ever present, Bless the earth and all peoples upon it.

Let them all seek and know Higher Truth, attain inner peace and create family and community harmony.

Fill the earth with Divine Light, Create an atmosphere of peace, balance and representative democracy.

Assist all peoples in creating and maintaining balanced governments and Nations.

Let there be a lasting peace, especially in the Middle East.

Bless and guide all national leaders, all governing bodies, and all political candidates. May they only speak the truth.

Guide and protect the whistle blowers who expose corruption, waste and incompetence, and remove all self servers from influence and power.

Assist all peoples and governments in balancing their budgets, and assist those who would create economic, political, healthcare, social, spiritual and environmental balance.

Guide and inspire the educational and entertainment industries.

Neutralize terrorists, drug and crime lords, and weapons of mass destruction.

Remove all negativity from this planet forever, and do whatever is necessary to awaken higher moral, ethical and spiritual consciousness with humanity in order to create greater harmony.

And so, let this all be done.


Salvatore Cacciola