Volume 1, Chapter 1
Greetings to all brothers and sisters of the light

Volume 1, Chapter 2
What is a Guide?

What are the Dark Forces?
What is the Brotherhood of Light?

Volume 1, Chapter 3
David talks about meditation
Conversations with David About the Mind
How to explain Death to Children
Organizations and False Prophets
Fraternal Love
A Creative Challenge
The Rosy Cross and its symbology

Volume 1, Chapter 4
David speaks about Angels
A message by David about the death of
Pope John Paul I
About the deaths of great leaders
Conversations with David: About the Astral planes.
The life of animals and eating meat

Volume 2, Chapter 1
The Sanctuary becomes a Reality
Message about what happened in Guayana
(Jim Jones)
David clarifies his responsibilities
Message about the Nature of the Soul
Conversations with David: 
The Soul Mate or Twin Soul
How to call upon the Brotherhood
Organ Donations
The use of Pyramids
What is a Medium?

Volume 2, Chapter 2
The relationship of the Soul and the family nucleus
Conversations with David: The choosing of the parents
Life Changes
The Brotherhood speaks on Colors

Volume 2, Chapter 3
Conversations with David: Spiritual Development,
its phases and beginnings
The Brotherhood continues about color and sound
The Brotherhood discusses the Sacred Scriptures
and Writings
Why was the Soul created and what is its' future
On fasting voluntary and involuntary.
World Events
The Brotherhood speaks of future events

Volume 2, Chapter 4  
The energy necessary to channel  The Brotherhood.
The Brotherhood and spiritual healing
The Brotherhood discusses mental health
The Brotherhood speaks about physical health
Conversations with David: Good Health
Creatures of Light and their care
The practice of the Law of the Light

Volume 2, Chapter 5
The development of children in    consciousness
and health
David on Karma and its application to children and birth defects
Conversations with David:  Disciplining of Children
Nuclear Power and the Climate
Payment for Spiritual Services and the Souls of Man
The Healer, in preparation and concept
The Healer in interaction with others

Volume 3, Chapter 1
The Ray of Light in the 1990's & the Seventh Principal: Charity.
The Sixth Principal: Spiritual Love
The fifth Principal: Service
The Fourth Principal: The manifestation of Physical Perfection
The Third Principal: Wisdom
The Second Principal: Faith
The First Principal: The Fire of Creation
Conversations with David: How to know the right things to do.
Sexual Energies  and its relation to your development. Masturbation.  Adultery.
 Astrology and its Principals.


Volume 3, Chapter 2
The problem of personal development
and the role of the Guide.
The Brotherhood discusses The Law.
Man, a symphony of vibration.
What is God?
Conversations with David: About death and termination
About reincarnation, apparitions and channels.

Volume 3, Chapter 3
How to deal with Evil
The first three Astral Planes in detail.
The Gold of Spirit
More about Death
How to invoke those who have died.
A visit to the fourth Astral Plane.

Volume 3, Chapter 4
The Fifth Plane revealed
Masters or False Prophets?
The Sixth Plane, the place of angelic beings.
The Seventh Plane, the final step leading to

the infinite.
Conversations with David:

About War and its relation with the economy;
Sai  Baba and Yoga.
More about the transition.

Volume 3, Chapter 5
The Amber Initiation
Politics and Citizenship.
Responsibility in action.
Conversations with David: Do you have a problem losing weight?
Obeying the Law
The importance of the name in life.


Volume 3, Chapter 6
Atlantis revealed.
The fall of Atlantis, a story of power.
The survivors of Atlantis.
The Great White Brotherhood versus the Brotherhood of Light
Conversations with David: Megalithic Monuments, Stonehenge.

More about Atlantis.

Volume 4, Chapter 1
This is a world of Illusion.
The karma of Atlantis.
The karmic wheel Turns.
History repeats itself.
Conversations with David:

The things that come easily
Spiritual Gifts
How to change negative feelings.
The death of Christ.
Sex in the Astral Planes.
The crisis that leads to war.
Protecting the planet.

Volume 4, Chapter 2
Light and Sound: The vibration keys to good health
Commentaries in reference to an assassin of Black Children
Automatic healing with Light and Sound.
Conversations with David: Crystals.

Volume 4, Chapter 3
Conversations with David:
More about crystals

Volume 4, Chapter 4
We Are God!
Healing with Crystals.
Our father... the soul. 
Spiritual communities.
Understanding the Hierarchy of Unity.
Conversations with David:
The design of the Universe
Choosing the guide.
Communications with the guide.
Persons who are naturally sick .

Volume 5, Chapter 1
Personal Changes and the status of the Light Messenger.
Interpersonal relations.
Triumph Is your goal?
Changing relationships.
More about personal relationships.
Conversations with David: About homosexuality.
About personal relationships.
An update on the world economy.
Conversations with David: About the problems of

the economy.

Volume 5, Chapter 2
Atlantis: Failure of yesterday.
Promise of tomorrow.
Conversations with David: On Atlantis and crystals.
Relations ship between parents and children.
Relations ship gin the community and at work.
David discusses  sharing, pay tithes and invest.

Volume 5, Chapter 3
Religion, creation of man.
Salvation and reincarnation.
Conversations with David: The souls of the Atlantis.
About Religious Centers.
About the karma in every period of life.
True religion: Love in action.


Volume 5, Chapter 4
Mentality: harmony with oneself and with others.
Spirituality: Living / Love / Learn.
Conversations with David: About abortion.
Conversations with David:
About the economy and crime.
Group healing.
The commitment of the Messenger of Light.
The heal.

Volume 6, Chapter 1
The nuclear issue.
Asking questions the Soul: The Law versus Values.
Conversations with David: About the suffering and the possibility of a war.
Economy: Your responsibility.

Volume 6, Chapter 2
David comments about political systems.
Communism today.
Education: the key to human evolution.
Conversations with David: Education.
New Age  versus traditional religion.
A rare conversation with The Brotherhood: Free will and religion.

Volume 7, Chapter 1
Peace begins at home.
Conversations with David: The true religion.
About cleaning at home and world peace.
About music and education of children.
About the political future.
The future world.
Educating the child.


Volume 7, Chapter 2
Spreading the seeds.
Complexities to ponder.
Conversations with David: The nature of the soul.
On the personal financial situation.
Creating realities.

Volume 7, Chapter 3
The keys to heal and rejuvenate.
Conversations with David: More about Rejuvenation.
Health and diet.
Dialogue: More about healing.

Volume 8, Chapter 1
Conversations with David: Microwave ovens.
Choosing where to live.
On the vibrations, the union of the couple and growth.
On the lust, love and separation.
The song itself and public speaking.
Alignment with the universe.

Volume 8, Chapter 2
Avatars, Masters, Instructors and Guides.
Is it free spiritual knowledge?
Conversations with David: On the Guide.
About Jesus the Messiah.
On the export of oil in Venezuela.

Volume 8, Chapter 3
Life Is The Greatest Show On Earth!
Crystals And More Crystals

Something new.
David conveys a message of the Guidelines: On the groups and keep them.
Conversations with David: on religion and spirituality.

The Philippines And Democracy

Volume 9, Chapter 1
Bits & Pieces
The Seven Deadly Sins
The Amber Initiation

Volume 9, Chapter 2
Patriotism and others topics
The current status of the world.

Volume 9, Chapter 3
Speech by David: The Reality.
A Messenger discusses the brain, mind and memory.
Plan for rejuvenation.

Volume 9, Chapter 4

About to observe religious holidays.
Conscience is like an onion.
Conversations with David: On Death, the silver cord body and soul connection.

The walk-in.

Volume 10, Chapter 1
The prototype of the future government

Volume 10, Chapter 2
A Letter From Richard
A Messenger is dedicated to talk about anger.


Volume 10, Chapter 3
Conversations with David: About the children, education and abortion.
Save the children!

Volume 11, Chapter 1

David speaks from Venezuela on the tenth anniversary of the Messenger of Light.

AIDS and homosexuality.


Volume 11, Chapter 2
Know thyself.
Conversations with David: Know yourself.
About suicide.
About abortion

Volume 11, Chapter 3
World Peace.
David Speaks on US/Iran Plane Incident (July 6,1988)
Conversations with David: The importance of the imagination.

Volume 11, Chapter 4
Alton: the story continues.
Conversations with David: More on Alton and ancient civilizations, Stonehenge.

Volume 12, Chapter 1
Participate in life!
David discusses about food and eating.
More on food, water and pollution.
The secret to learning.

Volume 12, Chapter 2
Conversations with David: The political situation worldwide.
A Major Breakthrough

More on the global political situation and the problem of drugs.
A larger aperture.
David discussed a conceptual idea of government.

Volume 12, Chapter 3
Messenger I - War
Messenger II -War and the Light Worker
More Conversations With David
A Message from Peggia

Volume 13, Chapter 1
Conversations with David
A Message from David
Messenger I - Decline Of Civilization
Homelessness and Hunger
One Parent Child

Volume 13, Chapter 2
Conversations with David
Cooking with cast iron frying pans
About moving
The Order of Melchizedek
walked the fire

Volume 13, Chapter 3
Animal healer
Topics about health and past life questions.
Personal questions

Volume 13, Chapter 4
The War in Iraq

Volume 14, Chapter 1 website
Greetings from the Brotherhood.
Conversations  about solders in Iraq

Volume 14, Chapter 2
Economic problems.
Global economy
Changes occurring that will affect the whole world

Volume 14, Chapter 3
Current Events
Without Consciousness of the destruction of the Earth
The Enemy is the progress.
Myanmar Tragedy

Volume 14, Chapter 4
Conversations with David
More about Current Events

Volume 14, Chapter 5
More about Current Events
Concerning the economy
Pets & animals

Bits & Pieces
Health & Healing

Volume 14, Chapter 6
More Concerning the economy
More Pets & animals

More Bits & Pieces
Health & Healing

Volume 14, Chapter 7
Hurricane Ike
More Bits & Pieces
Health & Healing