The Story Of David
 Part II

As I told in the last issue, David and I had worked together both in a private communication and in a public way during my lectures. It had never occurred to me to turn over complete control to David or to play medium, as this was not in keeping with my own ideas. During a group session in early 1977, David interrupted to tell me that he had an important message for one of the group. Somewhat perturbed by the interruption, I suggested he give me the message and I would deliver it. To my surprise, he said that his message was very personal and would be best if he delivered it in person. This idea was totally strange to me, and I said, "And just how do you suppose to do that?" "Simple," said he, "you step out and I'll step in." This idea of my projecting (astrally) out of the body and turning it over to David, was a bit frightening and yet intriguing. Since we had been together so long and it was a request, I consented and told the group that I had a message coming through for one of them. Needless to say, it was a bit of a surprise for everyone!

The changeover took place very quickly, the message was delivered, and I returned to the control of my body. To my dismay, I realized that while I could see everyone and was aware of the sound of David's voice, I had no memory of what had been said. Upon questioning the group, I found that no one but the recipient could repeat the message. Everyone heard it, but only one person totally understood it. One member of the group described the experience and then put it aside since no further requests were made until late in 1977.

During December, we had a friend from Kansas City visit us, who in the course of the visit, expressed interest in attending a sťance. Since one of our fiends is a former medium, we formed a small group to attempt a sťance. The results were insignificant that evening, but just before we ended, David suggested to me that he would be willing to come through if anyone desired him to do so. After suggesting it to the group, David and I repeated for the second time, our transfer, and he spoke to the group, answering questions and providing the beginning of the amber oil initiation ritual.

Once again, there was no memory on my part of what transpired. Upon questioning David as to why this approach, he explained that all channels have a tendency to translate material received in accordance with their own knowledge and concepts. When a guide is brought through in total control, there is no influence from the person acting as a channel or vehicle.

Because of various questions raised by Peggy's experience with the initiation and information from her guides, we soon began asking David to come through more frequently. The rest is history, we have published literally thousands of pages of material dictated by David over the years. "We" refers to David and the other persons involved with me in the organization known as the Living Light Center.

This newsletter would not be, were it not for the communications from David. In future issues, we will bring the story up to date and describe the details of the changeover.

Richard C. Rebeck


© 1978