The Story Of David

Part III


In the last issue, we brought the experience of David into the present; and of course as it is reported in the Light Messenger, we are in constant communication with David. David communicates with us and with our local group on the average of once a week and often provides individuals with spiritual guidance, messages from their guides, or health information. David, it seems, is a rather excellent diagnostician. Many of those who visited us in Inverness, Florida were able to meet David during their stay. I promised to discuss in more detail the changeover so we will cover that now.

During meditation I am able to communicate with David and I can see him just about all the time. I am aware of his presence even when I can't see him, sort of a familiar vibration. David also can communicate with me during my normal activities in a sort of clairaudient fashion. None of these states are unusual from my body or consciousness standpoint.

When we co-join for a lecture however there is a difference. Many of you have heard me speak publicly in lecture or workshop and may have noticed the difference from my personal communication manner and ability. It is as if David and I are both present in the body at the same time, and he assists by directing the material and thought flow as well as some control over the diction. During this phase, which I call co-joining, David uses my memory banks and provides any missing pieces. He also causes me to have essentially total recall of material even though I may have consciously forgotten that I ever studied it.

The physical experience is quite unique when we co-join and I suppose I will have to term it, a form of voluntary possession. I must point out however, that David only works with me upon my request and ceases to do so at my request. The feeling is one of awareness of his vibrational presence, and then it is as if I am surrounded totally by him, as if he were a space suit that I was wearing. At this point, it is difficult to sense a difference from his vibratory nature and my own. From this moment on, I am aware of his presence in my inner mind but we no longer seem to communicate as if we were two, but rather as one person. This is difficult to describe for I am aware of myself in the recesses of my mind but in the thinking active area, we two are one thought. I have never tried to maintain this state other than during lectures or discussions with groups. To start this process, David borrows energy from me in order to alter his vibrational state to mine, but after we are co-joined, he then is able to transform a portion of the energy of the group present to my benefit. Actually, after lecturing for several hours, I feel more energetic and alert than I did at the beginning. The only difficulty was that in the beginning, I felt a little closed in or claustrophobic, but this soon passed when I realized that I controlled the situation.

In the next issue, I'll discuss how during our third method of working together, I leave the body and David takes complete control.