The Story Of David (Part V)
by David Ha-Maggid

The experience of the Guide is quite different than any experience found within your reality. Imagine yourself riding within a physical form that is thinking, reacting, growing, living; wherein, you are total observer of both the past and the present. You have no control over the direction which the entity shall take. You have, of course, the ability to guide as it is asked and sought of you, but you may not interfere with the normal growth and direction the consciousness chooses to take. The Guide in this case, is often a helpless bystander to the errors of life.

We observe all of the inter-reactions, and it is proper to say that we not only observe, but we live the reaction. We see as it were, the swirling colors of change that permeate the being. We see the ebb and flow of the energies of the astral body, but because of our close proximity and interwoven nature, we also, in a sense of the word, feel all that is felt by the entity. That is why at times we draw ourselves distant, for we are subject to all of the feelings of the entity for whom we serve as Guide. In so operating, we are also cognizant of that which is to come to pass - not as a means of prediction, but as a means of assessment of a sequence or logical series of events.

It is a frustrating experience at times in wanting to help and not being given the opportunity; but therein, is of course, part of the learning process for us, for we must learn to maintain a position of neutrality. Where the desire for the physical action becomes present, we must, of course, suppress it. We must neutralize an affinity for the physical and maintain a position that does not allow us to seek the relationship of the physical form. Though we are often subject to, we may not seek. This is part of our education and testing to be able to develop our senses to the point where we do not need physical forms by which to comprehend or operate within your world.

This mode of operation is perhaps the most limiting. It is like stepping into one of the antiquated suits of armor that was employed in your world in the past. From a point where we are capable of total instantaneous motion, we step into a confined space of limited time. From a point where our consciousness has literally total access to knowledge, we find ourselves constrained within a vocabulary. Where our eyes are capable of perceiving all colors, and vibrations, and energies, we find ourselves limited to the physical organ and the slight abilities that we can manifest beyond it. In truth, the senses for which man in his spiritual consciousness has sought, that is to say, the physical senses, as evidenced by his often rapid return to the physical form, these senses in reality are limitations and are not the true expression that one is capable of.It is a very difficult feeling to sit within a form and yet have no desire to manifest that form into activity. We have, when we are allowed to participate as a guide, succeeded in eliminating all desire to operate the physical expression. That is not to say we are not capable, but simply that we no longer wish to. We recognize the limiting aspect of this form. It is more difficult to be the student who must learn through observation of others, rather than the student who is doing. Consider, in essence, that the Guide is a student of surgery who may not perform the operation but may only observe others doing the task, and from this we must learn. We must be able to perceive every nuance, every change, every energy. It is difficult to relate that word you term emotional. I have observed this entity and others refer to what might be termed, the emotional expression of myself or my nature; and yet, we do not exhibit these characteristics. We may know the concepts of joy and humor, but we do not have the capability to express anger or impatience. The manifestations of these characteristics are a function of the language and the communication vehicle or are related to the limiting factor of time with which we may occupy the form such as we do. One moment...

It appears that it might be of interest that we also must take the time to meditate, to dwell upon that which we have experienced, in order to allow that which we have seen and felt to be integrated into our being. We must also take that time separate of the entity.

In the early evolution of an entity, the Guide does not often draw near to the physical form. And for the entity who is involved in the material world to a very high degree, the Guide also rarely ever comes near the physical form, for we desire not the feelings or the sharing of energy that occurs under these conditions. (long pause at this point) I apologize for the delay. It is difficult to assess the concept we are trying to present, limit the space, and convey the total idea. The words are difficult to form to express our reaction.

It would appear at times as if the Guide were in an elevated position to the individual. This is not the case; though it is, of course, possibly so. The Guide may very well serve an entity whose energy is much higher and much more evolved. It is the element of clear seeing. If man could walk upon the floor of the ocean, he still could not see where he was going for he does not have the eyes of a fish; therefore, at the bottom of the ocean, a fish would be a more effective guide than man. Thus it is, in this ocean you call life, we are the more effective guide than your fellow self, even though that soul be of the highest energy form. Is that concept clear? We do not choose the entity based upon the evolutionary status of the soul, but rather are attracted into a common purpose by the particular needs of this lifetime and the commonality of experience between our consciousness'.

It would sound strange... but understand that the physical form is the least thing that we would desire. But that is most because we have worn it so often that it is a garment which can no longer suit our need and purpose. We seek to guide you as if you were the caterpillar, into the final stage of the emergence into the butterfly. It might be said in summary that the Guide's greatest message to man is: "To come and fly with me'" One moment...

We do not know of an instance where one whom you would term a Master has taken the function of a Guide, once having achieved that status. I believe that will suffice."

This completes The Story of David.