Blown Into Consciousness
 (Part IX)


25 Dec, 1979

We all go through difficulties, without which, life would have no meaning or purpose. It is through our difficulties, that we experience and grow. One of the difficulties that I am dealing with at the present time, is doing something. I have reached a point where I am taking it easy, not challenging myself, and accomplishing nothing that is really worthwhile. Though I am part of this communication and feel it is one of the best sources of metaphysical information, I feel very frustrated because I am not using this information and expressing it in my life as much as I would like.

I am learning that changing old habit and thought patterns, is not as easy as one thinks. When we first decide to make changes, we experience a sense of excitement and a desire to maintain the new habit until it becomes a permanent expression in our lives. But... is it really that easy? It seems we have to maintain a constant vigil or awareness of exactly what we are doing, else we slip back into the old habit patterns. After all, it has taken years to develop the undesirable traits, so getting rid of them is not accomplished overnight. Sometimes, after we think the new habit is well established, we fool ourselves and say, "Well, I'm done, so what?" And then we fall right back into the old.

We must constantly give energy to and be aware of what we do. Sometimes, we may feel that the new is too much of a struggle and that maybe we have bitten off more than we can handle, so we backslide or give up. I've been backsliding for awhile, but I am resolving to do better in the new year. Persist is my keyword, and I hope it will be yours too!

May your continued awakening be easy in the New Year!

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