The Story Of David

Part IV


Looking back on the beginning of my mediumistic experiences with David seems a bit strange. I doubt that I would have anticipated such a state, but then it is always difficult to predict the tools that one will employ in the search for truth. When David first requested access without my presence, I felt very strange about the idea and questioned him at length as to why it was necessary. David patiently pointed out that I, like all other channels, tend to distort the material being given. To prevent this distortion, the guide can be given total control.

The idea of watching someone else use and direct my body was fascinating. I could see David enter and take over the physical functions, even using the eyes and hands. I could hear him speaking, but then I realized that while I heard the words, they did not seem to have much meaning. They actually sounded somewhat like waves of sound or drums, but the words and their meaning seemed unintelligible. Perhaps there is a speeding up or slowing down that accounts for this phenomena.

Though I astrally project to leave the body, I usually hear without difficulty during my projections. A few moments of watching someone operate your body without knowing what is being said or discussed, can be very disturbing. Also, I find it necessary to focus very hard, when in the projected state, to prevent my vision from dematerializing everyone and everything. I notice a stronger attraction, during astral projection, to the spiritual planes rather than to the physical world. Usually, after I am certain David has control well established and I hear the booming of his (my) voice, I find myself travelling to (appearing on) the third astral plane. On this plane I can enter into a contemplative or meditative state and seem to have all of my memory faculties along with my emotional reactions, all intact. I've noticed that I have no sense of time on the third plane, but always too soon, do I see the ball of light approaching which I know to be David's message for me to return. I know when I arrive back on the physical plane, I'll find David standing next to my body - guarding it until I arrive and take back control.

One would think that the material dealt with by David would be fresh in my memory banks, but my physical mind is clear of all thought. Actually, I feel my own thought pouring back into my brain as if I had picked them all up and taken them with me. The body is always in good conditions upon return, though in the beginning, it was necessary for others to remind David of the need to blink and move the legs once in awhile (to keep the circulation going).

The hardest part of the whole process is the necessity of returning from the planes. During normal projection, one is always aware of the body and the need to return; but when it is being used, there is no association with its needs, and my attention is totally riveted on the experience of the third plane and is surroundings. There, I experience living color that seems to sing and vibrate from without and within my being, grass which when touched is like an orchestra, and a sky without sun or clouds but wherein, light is never missing. I could speak of water that refreshes without wetting and flowers that appear and bloom upon desire, but these things will have to wait for another time and story for this is the story of, David, and his relationship with me. David - the guide, not a master - not the king, but once a man!

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Richard C. Rebeck

Note: David often uses language phrases and words from other languages when he is in control. Recently, he gave the following comments which the reader may find of interest:

"The question that was raised was to the extent or the scope of the linguistic ability of a guide. What must be remembered and understood is that a guide does not speak in languages. We do not communicate on the astral plane in languages or words, but in thought forms that are transmitted instantly from one mind to another mind.

When we actively work with an entity, such as in this case, we absorb the means of activating the vocalization through the process of the conscious brain. In other words, I impinge a thought picture upon the brain of this entity, and that picture is translated into words by my conscious thought and effort that it so be done. There is no language process; with the exception of my direction of choice, I may control to a certain degree the flow of the language. Certainly as I occupy the body, I control what you term, the voice cords. I also control the air, but the actual translation is part of your language structure as I have seen it. We may choose a term from another language simply because it is part of the exposure of this entity (Richard), even though he may not remember it still. To deal in multi languages would be possible, though does not serve a direct purpose since it would only show the linguistic ability of the consciousness of the entity and would have no relationship to the ability of the guide.

All thought, even your thought that you vocalize, is a thought transmission like a ball of light that is immediately understood and interpreted. It is your limited ability to perceive that creates the need to vocalize, though vocalization is one means of creating a permanent record, even as we are this moment."