David Responds

David's responses from questions submitted by you, the readers, from the
Ask David webpage.

Anne of Ontario, Canada asks "Is it possible to reach someone in great beyond who left this world suddenly?"

David: Although it is possible to communicate with those who have crossed over it is not recommended. Those who have crossed over should not be called back to the earth plane. It is possible for entities who have mastered astral travel to visit the other planes and depending upon the consciousness of the departed, to make communication there in the respective plane of existence of the person who has crossed over.

Many of those who have terminated their physical existence suddenly are in a state of shock for a time and have the tendency to sleep until their consciousness can adapt to their new situation. The consciousness who has left this plane of existence should not be encouraged to form connections with the world he or she has left behind. To do so could entrap the consciousness in the physical plane restricting its growth and natural evolution.

Those who die young, violently, by accident or war are those souls who tend to return rapidly, typically returning within 5 years of your time. They need the time to assimilate their experiences and prepare themselves for their next incarnation. The level of spiritual evolution of the person who has crossed over will determine whether or not communication is possible on the higher planes.

There is an area especially dedicated to reunions but it is not used during the first year of crossing. This area or hall of reunions is normally used by the consciousness' of those who are still upon the physical plane and during their sleep state are guided in an astral journey to the desired reunion. They then have memories of a dream with the person who has crossed over. One can in meditation ask their Guide to assist in this matter since it is usually the guides who facilitate astral travel during the sleep state for those upon this plane.

Communication directly via mediums is never recommended as this brings the consciousness back to the physical or earth plane.

That is all for this time.
Be of the Light.

Webmasters note: A similar topic is discussed in three consecutive newsletters starting with
Volume 3, Number 2 regarding transitions (birth & death).

Tara Olofsson from Sweden asks: "Why are just a few chosen to carry out certain spiritual work? Some have contact with their guides and go toward a specific goal, whereas some don't even want to know anything about the spiritual world."

David: It is not that a few are chosen but rather only a few have volunteered. The soul in its evolution constantly looks for greater opportunities to learn. One of the best forms of learning is teaching or helping others. If we graded the world on a scale of 1 to 10 we would find that the majority of the people are in the 1 to 5 range. Man as you know him is still in the early stages of his evolution physically and spiritually. The animal instinct dominates and so you have wars and strife and hunger.

The communication with the guide is simply clearer in some individuals but all receive communications from their guides. For some it is in the dream state for others through the subconscious. Everyone can communicate with their guides if they can learn to meditate and still the body and mind opening one's self to the higher vibrations and music of the spheres. When was the last time you listened to the wind talking in the trees? To still one's self to be able to hear the real world is the first step in opening the consciousness.

Remember that a hungry man does not meditate well. Violence and explosive temperaments create negative energies which force the guides to take refuge from the energies being generated. If one looks at the world with the eyes of an eagle one can see that progress is being made in the evolution of the species, although it is slow. If one looks at the world with the eyes of the worm one must remember that the worm is blind, it has no eyes.

Spirituality is a philosophical state like religion, one does not enter into that state so much by desire as by experience. The Buddha was an agnostic who wasn't sure that the Gods existed, now he is a God to millions.

The Greeks and Romans weren't spiritual but were religious because they imagined their gods doing the things they wanted to do and therefore they followed those gods in the hope that they also could partake in the feast.

Man follows examples when it suits him to do so. Be an example of spirituality for others to see and they will seek the same inner peace.

Be of the Light.

Salvatore Cacciola again wrote "Thanks for the reply on the Y2K question. Can you elaborate on one sentence in your response. 'Unfortunately you have created your own problems but in truth the Y2K is one of the least of them.' Thanks again."

David: Greetings old friend, we have missed the opportunities to communicate with you and Solomon.

The you in our previous message is pluralistic referring to the collective consciousness and the problems that exist in the world. The year 2000 is simply another pinpoint in time as you well know but the collective consciousness can make it into a problem even as your president has planned to use it to his benefit if there is any difficulty. (There are sufficient presidential orders to make him King for a time).

Some of the problems more important are the hunger and wars and religious strife which continue in the world. We are truly sad to see the world continue growing in its technology and ability to solve problems and yet each day we must assist thousands of souls who have left your plane in hunger and war or as it is now called terrorism. Do you not recall the message of the 7 horsemen? Are they not at the door?

Send light to the dark corners of the world, your meditations have power and effect until your last breath, yours and all like yours.

Blessed be your days

Be light


Tara Olofsson writes again from Sweden "I have seen the increasing number of crop circles...July 19th (1999) Devil's Den in Wiltshire, England had an interesting formation of a star. I was wondering about The Star of David...and you (David). Do you have any connections with it? Tell us what you want us to know. Thank you."

David: The Star of David or more correctly the Shield of David is the formation of the planets in the heavens as seen from Israel in the time of the birth of King David. It was taken later by him as his symbol or logo and is called the Magen David (shield of David) in Hebrew. The symbology is more important than the story of its origin. The star is formed by two equilateral triangles, one of which is 180º inverted over the other forming the 6 pointed star as you call it. The base triangle (with the point upward) represents the ascending spirit of man in his search for the Divine. The triangle with the point downward represents the descending spirit (logos) of the divine consciousness as it descends toward man. The union of the two triangles represents symbolically the union of God and Man. As to which came first, the significance or the stellar aspect is like unto the question of the chicken and the Egg.. The only connection that I have with this is as a manifestation of the Divine impulse of love reaching outward to all of you who seek to know the light. Your triangle is the point of seeking and ours (from the other plane) is the focused light of the Divine force of which we are all a part.

As to that which you refer to as the crop circles or images one must realize that there are many forces at work in the world trying to help elevate consciousness. Not that we are saying that these are produced by supernatural or extra terrestrial hands but rather that the impulse that causes and guides persons to create symbols of beauty and tranquility call attention to the hope and aspiration of all beings. Nature causes many things but these things in particular are the results of the hands of man at times guided by impulses they do not themselves understand. All of you want signs and wonders. You wish to see the hand of God writing in the sky even as your ancestors did. The miracle of life itself is the handwriting on the wall. The natural beauty of the world has no parallel nor does it need imitation or improvement. Take pleasure in what others have created for it gives rebirth to that inner impulse of faith.

That is all for this time.
Be of the Light.


David of Michigan, USA, wrote: "I do depossession (a.k.a. spirit releasement) via hypnosis. Can you please give me some tips on technique for this work and some ideas for protection from the dark forces and satan?"

David: The work of dealing with possession is not a matter for public dissemination. It is better that this matter be reserved for those with experience such as the querant. But as to protection of self against whatever force we can speak freely. Let us remember that you all live in a sea of energy, positive and negative, living and dead, dynamic and static. That which you speak of as "Dark Forces" or "Satanic" is really of the same matter and fiber and is part of the Dualistic mode of thought. One tends to believe that where good exists also must then exist evil but this is not a reality but rather a created condition of consciousness. Is there such a thing as the "Dark Force"? Yes but not as many would believe, such forces have been created by the collective consciousness of man and exist within the limits and powers of the creating belief system. One can literally create a living consciousness of good or evil and such consciousness will exist as long as the creator or creators continue with their beliefs. The ancient Greek called Plato put in the mouths of his Gods the words "We shall soon cease to exist for man no longer believes in us!" and that represents the basis or fundamental structure of all systems of good and evil.

The basis of protection is most effective if one mentally cleans house, office or place of work with a visualization of Light as one would imagine from a divine source and with said light penetrating every crack and crevice, every object and person. Until such time as a new person enters that space or one of the occupants begins to think in a negative manner, the area or space is clean and protected. The same power of imagination created those negative forces of which we speak. One should think of one's self as a vessel of light filled from the divine source and overflowing to others. Until you are filled with light you cannot help others nor can you be protected.

Ego is one of the dangers, humility is the key. Evil is the absence of Love and darkness is the absence of Light, where there is love and light no evil or darkness can exist. They not only cannot enter, they cannot exist. If one stands in the midst of a sea of darkness with one small candle, one is subject to having the darkness try to extinguish the candle but if one fills his space and self with light then there is no room for the darkness and it is extinguished. One does not go out into the moonless night without a lantern, don't go out into the world without your inner light. To bless your enemy is to fill and surround him with light. To heal in whatever form one should be filled with the light and to not be is to be in danger of receiving the affliction upon one's self. Thus it is that we say, "Be Light"

That is all for this time.

Ann Bridges of New Mexico, USA writes "Is it more advisable for me to teach my removal of beliefs technique on the internet or in person?"

David: Although such questions fall into the area of personal matters that do not provide benefit to the readers in general we find that herein is a matter which should be addressed. Whatever technique for enhancing, removing or modifying belief systems should always be done in person since there is an interaction on higher levels of consciousness. Said levels can not be maintained via the internet or via published material when one lives in your plane of existence.

When we the guides and the Brotherhood seek to open consciousness we can be omnipresent at the moment someone begins to read, question or study our material because the guide of that individual calls us or communicates with us to aid that person or group as the case may be.

One is responsible for the effect that material has on others. Also remember that one cannot remove an idea or belief from the consciousness of another person, one can only replace it with another idea or belief.

That is all for this time.

Be of the light.


Bharat of NJ, USA asked "I am currently taking lessons from Self-Realization Fellowship and I try to meditate everyday. How can one begin to see the inner eye?"

David: One should meditate at least twice a day, once in the morning to establish the direction of the day and at night to evaluate and integrate the experience of the day into the sum total of the individual reality.

Seeing the "inner eye", experiencing Kundalini, seeing the guide or whatever object of the meditation is related to the need to visualize, and also to what you call imagination. Visualization begins with imagination as does all creativity. The painter sees the painting in his mind first as does the architect. One must begin with visualization exercises.

Put a blank board, blackboard or the white vinyl as you wish in your minds eye. Imagine its presence and in your mind's eye begin to draw the letters of the alphabet (whichever alphabet you prefer) one by one and maintain them until you do not need to question as to how long. After the first then the second and onward with the creative reality. When one has completed the exercises of one letter by one then one should put two letters then three, etc. When the board is full of the alphabet then one should paint words (of a positive nature) on the board, hold them, contemplate them and become them. When all has been accomplished open the eyes and stare at a blank wall or board and begin over again.

The hallucinatory visualization gives one the control necessary to see at will what one desires and gives control over the creative process as well as the spiritual growth expansion.

When all is finished, be Light.


Charles from Texas, USA writes "How do you get over the fear of beginning to astral plane (travel)? I think I almost did it once, but the fear holds be back."

David: Astral travel or visits to the Astral planes should not be undertaken alone. Normally it is best when the guide accompanies one but at the minimum it should be started with a group where there is someone to guide and assist in the process. For the time it is best to ask your guide to assist you during sleep to travel and visit under the control of the guide. This is best in meditation. Be careful where you think to go or do. Remember you know little of the plane of existence in which you are much less you know of those beyond.

Be of light in consciousness and deed.


Steve Sagady from California, USA wrote "What's the best way to validate ones experience of being 'guided'. In my case I imagine my guides, and imagine their responses to my questions. However since my access is through imagination the paradox remains as to whether I am just imagining the response or if it is truly outside input."

David: The only way to know the truth of an impression is in the validity of the answer. The guide can only speak the truth and can only guide you in the right direction and only in a positive manner. Also think of the form of the communication and the answer, does it sound like you or is it information that you normally have on hand? Ask the guide to assist you in validating the information received by asking that which you do not know, if the answer is correct then only another could have given it to you. But if all the answers are of a positive and constructive form then be still and worry not for all is in the light. It is easy to doubt the miracle after it has happened.

Be light.


June from Oregon, USA wrote "I am an earthquake sensitive who for years, has gotten severe headaches prior to 6 or greater magnitude earthquakes. I communicate with other sensitives and I would love to know what is occurring with us that we have this kind of reaction and also how is it serving us to have to deal with this and other painful symptoms prior to quakes, volcanic eruptions etc. I would also appreciate any information on anything we could do to lessen our sensitivity. I am a healer who has been unable to do much healing work because I am so incapacitated with this. I am a Reiki master as well as a crystal healer and nothing that I have done, has worked on this. Many thanks for your wonderful site and sharing of this information. I just discovered you this morning and have been very much enjoying reading the wisdom."

David: In the coming times there will be more persons sensitive to the natural and spiritual forces. As one becomes more attuned with the universe and the universal forces one can of course sense and feel such things as earthquakes. The problem is basically one of programming the type of reaction so that they won't be as painful.

The entity Richard is a natural empath and has problems touching or coming in contact with strange persons or persons with problems. It also makes it difficult for him to operate as a healer since to come near the person afflicted is to feel and suffer the symptoms of that person. Such range has this ability that walking down a strange street he can sense the energy of the persons within the houses. Obviously he has had to learn to shield himself from such reactions or normal life would be extremely difficult.

Those who are sensitized to the earth have a similar problem but of a greater magnitude. Using the energy, be it Reiki or whatever universal force you visualize, one should place oneself within a cocoon of energy filling the body and environment. Whenever another person enters that environment the energy protection is broken and must be reestablished. One should communicate with the guide to re program the manner in which the message is received to reduce the painful reaction. Remember that it is necessary to share the message or the pain will increase. Those who are sensitive must communicate. Those who are empaths must bless and fill with light all who present a threat or danger.

Darkness is the absence of light, when it is filled with light it is no longer darkness. Help to heal the earth.

Be light, always.


Julia from Arizona, USA writes "What is the most direct path (for myself) to enlightenment? How will I know when I am on the right path? What does my immediate future hold in the way of residence and employment/financial support? Should I stay where I am now, or return to my native state and family?"

David: We can not say that one path or other is the best for an individual. It is the soul consciousness that determines the path and the path may change depending on the growth and experience during this existence.

Only through meditation and communication with the guide can we know and follow our direction even though we may not be conscious of that direction or guidance. As to when one is on the right path, the wrong path is usually chosen by desire and emotion and causes many difficulties to occur. That which flows as the river is the right direction and that which does not wish to move or always has impediments is the wrong way. One should always seek the guide in meditation and speak to the guide without worrying about a response. Give the guide permission to aid and direct the life in the direction chosen by the soul consciousness.

Your future holds exactly what you wish to attract, be it consciously or unconsciously. Nothing occurs to one that has not been attracted as a learning experience by one's self at one level of consciousness or another. Only the individual can determine tomorrow. You are the creator of your future and though the world falls about you in chaos you can be in tranquility if that is what you have chosen and programmed.

As to native state and family, that is a personal decision not one from our level of assistance. Remember that you are a citizen of the world and that the family you have now is the means by which you entered this plane of existence. They have given you your base of understanding and initial growth direction. The world is your family and all are your brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers. You are all part of the same divine force of creation and the most despised of your world is also a mirror of you at one time or another. Do not pity the poor and helpless, love them and help them.

That is all for this time.

Be light and be of the light.


Christine of New Jersey, USA writes "I am trying to find my special someone in my life and it seems like a losing battle. I have spoken to many men and have been dating but to no avail. I do not feel that I am desperate but I am lonely and would enjoy the company and companionship again. When might I find him, and how will I know he is the one? Thank you."

David: Loneliness is one of the strange maladies of the human psyche. We are never alone but we create the sensation of being alone and believe in the image created. Relations are complicated things especially in these times when your world is experiencing so many changes and opportunities to travel and know other parts of the world and peoples. The personal relationship is part of the growing experience and in these times it is not strange that some relations are temporal and not permanent. It all depends upon our individual spiritual need to learn and share. Of course the right person is there for you, but you must attract him to you by creating him in your mind. You must describe him in detail to yourself (and thus to your guide) but be careful of your definitions. Each of you must learn to live by yourself and with yourself in peace and harmony.

When you can love yourself and live in harmony with yourself then you are ready to share that state of being with another person who is equally balanced. Relationships are not solutions to problems they are opportunities to share and grow in the sharing. While you are balancing yourself look to give a little of yourself to others, volunteer a little of your time to help the unfortunate, old or young. Let your imagination be filled with the person whom you wish to attract and see yourself living the experience of that relation.

All that is is formed by your consciousness. You and only you are the creator of your tomorrow.

Be happy and be light.


Scarlet from the USA writes "Is it possible to contact a person that you did not know before their death? If so, how would you go about it?"

David: The consciousness continues although in other dimensions of reality. Contact with those who have made their transition is not recommended. One should not recall a consciousness to this physical plane of existence. Only when one has developed the ability of astral travel and advanced communication with the guide can one go to the other planes in search for a specific consciousness. Also depending on the time since the parting, it is possible that the consciousness has returned to the physical plane in another incarnation. Those who have died young, from violence, war, accident or suicide usually return within 5 years. Those who have finished in the fulfillment of their time may take as long as 144 years to return. Remember time is a relative thing and these numbers are guides for your consciousness and not part of laws or rules. Many who have tried contacting those who have made their transition have opened their personal Pandora's Box.

Speak with your guide about your need, perhaps there is some solution therein.

Be of the light.


Heather in Canada wrote "Regarding my manuscript, do you suggest I forget it, continue trying to get it published or perhaps consider self publishing. This writing is about spiritual awakening within, is inspirational, uplifting and I hope, helpful. It is NOT intended to make money or promote self. My sincere thanks to you for all your wonderful work. I love your inspirational, enlightening writings. Thank you Richard and David."

David: All who seek to help and illuminate do so by the very desire to do so. One should seek the opinion of others who can review the work but always one should continue to strive for the dissemination of information that can bring light and joy to the hearts of others. Think of this Light Messenger and all that it has suffered to be published and distributed. Had the people involved not persisted then it would not be here for you. Originally it was Salvatore, Peggy and Richard with the assistance of David Ditchfield and Darryl Winman who were responsible for the publication of the newsletter and later the book. Then others joined in to help bring the Messenger to other lands and languages and now Ross Levis has taken on the charge of guardian angel of the messenger publishing it in Internet for millions more to see and read it. Let all whom you know be advised of its existence. Spread the word of its location. Persist in that which you have and be patient, that which should be flows and that which is not of its time delays.

Be blessed with the light and be light.


Cliff from the USA writes "How can one escape from our mental, physical, and emotional addictions? We all strive to unfetter our addictive habits, only to fail again and again. The spirit is willing, but the body is weak! Why is it so hard to free ourselves?"

David: Habits and addictions are programmed into the consciousness and the sub-consciousness. One reason that it is difficult to eliminate them is that your sub-consciousness doesn't believe you when you say that you wish to change. Another factor is that you cannot eliminate an idea or habit without replacing it with another. (example: Many people trying to stop smoking, chew gum, replacing one habit with another).

The spirit often wishes to control or dominate the physical form, this causes a conflict and the physical fights back. Harmonious interaction is the key. The body is your vehicle of transport in the physical world. It has it's needs and they must be satisfied. If you do not provide the body with a balanced diet it will cause cravings to satisfy the need. Understand that the need is or was real. Emotionally you are also like the body in that your emotional self has needs and when those needs are not provided or the self is deprived of emotional balance then there are reactions.

The Buddhist says to annihilate emotions, we say understand them and unify yourself in a healthy emotional expression. Provide the body with a balanced diet, regular exercise and rest and it will be easier to change habits or addictions. It is not that the physical is weak, it is badly programmed and you the cause of said programming are in the process of learning. Patience is also important as is meditation. There is no escape, there is only acceptance and modification through learning and understanding.

Infinite knowledge does not give infinite wisdom, only experience through knowledge can beget wisdom.

That is all for this time.

Be of the Light.


Mary-Jo of Illinois, USA writes "I'm am intrigued by your inner sight. Especially the answer that began with 'Ego's are one of the dangers, humility is the key'. I have many questions. Is evil attracted to good? Can someone be attracted to someone because they're attracted to their light? Isn't keeping faith the key to surviving? Also, could someone who passed and maybe has not gone to the light inhabit the body of a person who is a drunk? They call alcohol 'spirits' and I understand certain ghosts frequent the bar scene."

David: Good and evil are the polar opposites, one of the other. In your world you can not have one without the other since evil is the absence of good. It is perhaps easier to say that good is attracted to evil even as the light seems attracted to the darkness and tries to obliterate the same. Negativity lives in the darkness and sees not itself. When the light enters then the negativity sees the light and seeks to extinguish it out of self preservation. But always remember that evil is the absence of love as darkness is the absence of light.

Yes one could and would be attracted to another because of the light that they emanate but remember that the moth is also attracted to the flame and often is consumed by the same.

Keeping faith with one's self and believing in your own evolution and progress is certainly one of the keys to spiritual growth.

There are at times, those souls who have made the transition but have not left the earth plane. They are often attracted to environments similar to those they enjoyed during their existence. If they were alcoholic or heavy drinkers then it would not be strange to find them inhabiting areas where such habits are entertained and trying to connect themselves to those who are drinking in order to share in the energy and sensations of intoxication. As to actual possession of the living entity, though possible it does not occur often. Such souls are not of an evolution where they would possess such knowledge. One is known by the company one keeps as well as by the area in which one lives, works and plays.

Let the soul in evolution avoid such areas and situations as well as persons of negative energy. It is one thing to help another and another thing to become a martyr.

Think Light, Be Light.


Maura Quinn of the USA wrote "I had a question about karma and reincarnation. If someone has brain damage and can barely function if he crosses to the other side could he get relief and a chance for a healthier incarnation next time?"

David: Be of good cheer. Those who have deficiencies in the physical or mental levels are completely whole and sound on the spiritual level. Many of those who incarnate disabled are doing so for karmic reasons and others are doing so to help others learn. Not all is karma or lessons to learn much of such activity is also of service and testing for those who surround the being thus disabled.

Those who have lived a limited incarnation are blessed with the opportunity to live a full and useful existence in the next incarnation. Remember it is not punishment but rather election that brings us to such brave souls. Some of those who are limited still gain great success in helping others even through their limitations, remember you have an astrophysicist (Stephen Hawkins?) who though handicapped is one of the most brilliant minds of your time.1

Be of the light in all that you do.


S. Desmond of Massachusetts, USA writes "Does my husband who has passed know that I am trying to communicate with him? Will I ever see him?"

David: Those who have crossed over are often aware of or informed of the desire for communication by those left behind. During what you would term the first year it is better not to expend excessive emotional energy in such a pursuit since it could impair the spiritual progress of the departed. If both parties wish to meet again then they shall. Be it at the crossing of the second party or at another moment in the lives of the two beings. Remember that you are immortals and that only the form (body) changes from cycle to cycle. The being that was is and will be for all time, evolving naturally even as you evolve in your life in the physical.

Think of the departed as being surrounded by light and being blessed by well being. In such a state we help the other and create not attractions which are detrimental. Love given is always known and recognized.

Be of the light and you are one with all that is.


Cindy of the USA wrote "How can I know what spiritual level I am currently on. In my personal evolution I feel I know a lot, but fail miserably when the test comes. Why the contradiction in myself."

David: To err is human to forgive is divine" and to learn from our errors is illumination. The question is not which spiritual level but rather 'am I progressing?' The ego consciousness often has a good opinion of itself as is natural but spiritual/personal evolution is a slow process which has no specific levels or yardsticks.

Begin each day with humility and a yearning for knowledge and finish each day with an analysis and realization of all the lessons and opportunities that have passed before you. Judge not thyself nor should you judge others, each and everyone is moving and learning at his or her own pace. Too feel the frustration and know that there is contradiction in one's self is a clear indicator that progress is being made. The man of the earth, he who knows not his spirit, feels no frustration or remorse for his errors or acts and only learns as the animal learns for his benefit. If at any moment you feel that you are on a higher level then be careful for you are falling. Think each day as you begin the day, 'If I could have a direct communication with the divine force, what would be my task for today?' Be certain that if you ask then your day will present many opportunities. Above all be patient with thyself, we are.

Be of Love and Light in all that you do.


Emily Bates of Nevada, USA writes "I feel that there is much confusion these days because of the higher and faster vibrations coming into our bodies at this time. There are those that think there is sickness in their bodies because of what the vibration is doing and also when they catch a glimpse of a bleed through from another dimension they think they are imagining it. Is this true?"

David: Evolution, be it physical or spiritual will never cause illness or mental problems. We often use the term higher vibrations to indicate an evolutionary phase but that is not to say that the molecular rate of vibration changes. Your consciousness reaches to higher levels, that is to say that your perception or vision is amplified by your ability to perceive 'higher vibrations'. What we see is only a fragment of reality and it is because we do not perceive the 'higher vibrations' that we do not see all there is to see. When the consciousness is preoccupied with the mundane one does not see the sunset.

Other dimensions and bleed through are part of the same material. To see in all worlds and times as we do requires a different mechanism, one that is spiritual not physical but all beings can at times catch a glimpse of other realities and naturally one would think that it is the imagination playing tricks. To each world or dimension let its reality be sufficient unto itself. Patience and you will understand someday.

That is all.

Be Light.


George from Greece wrote "Dear David, thank you for your help to humans. I would be interested in knowing if you are familiar with Teacher (or Master) John (in Greek Daskalos loannis), who was teaching until his departure in 1995. What is your opinion?"

David: Gnosis is the knowing and we have the pleasure of knowing many teachers, guides and masters from both sides of reality. The one called Daskalos Ioannis I believe is the same we know and though not in the physical is teaching still. It is the intent of the spirit not the profundity that marks the teacher. All who are in the physical have traits and characteristics natural to humans and they have their faults and make their errors but that should not limit their message.

To know thyself is the first step to enlightenment.

Be with the light and be of it.


Marilyn of New York, USA writes "Is the 'Brotherhood of Michael', members of the 'Brotherhood of Light'"

David: The Brotherhood of Light is not associated with any other group by any other name. As they are beings of higher planes of consciousness they do not require nor do they use names as such. One reason basically is that their names in any incarnation do not have any bearing on their soul level of consciousness nor could any of you prove or identify them if they gave names from the past.

There are many beings from different levels communicating and trying to bring light and consciousness to the earth plane. Each one must be judged by the truth of their teachings.

That is all for this time.


Jon from the USA writes "Some channeled entities say there is no such thing as 'evil', yet some say there is. What is your opinion?

David: The question is a good one. Does evil exist? In the sense that it is a thing created by the creator, NO! As an actuality created by the mind of man, Yes!

Evil basically is the absence of love or good even as night is the absence of day or light. Night does and does not exist. it is a time when there is no light but in of itself it is not a thing. Day is a time of light and activity and light is a thing.

Those who say that evil does not exist (in and of itself) are correct. And those who say there is evil about us are also correct in the sense of speaking of the lack or fault of love applied. Light a candle in the dark and the "darkness" disappears because it never existed.

Be light and love and always project light and love and evil will have no place to habitate.


Katrina from England writes "If you are aware of spiritual truths, and do not live by them, will God be disappointed in me? How does someone free there mind from negative thoughts?" (Oct 14,2000)

David: It is your higher consciousness or soul that is disappointed but is always patient with you. All have their moments of weakness when knowing and doing are two different things. It is the desire to live a balanced life that is most important, practice makes perfect the good intention.

Negative thoughts should be replaced by positive ones and no it is not easier to say than do. One cannot erase an idea but one can replace it with another. Without knowing what type of negative thoughts it is not possible to be more specific.

Always think and imagine yourself surrounded by light and love. Be of the light and when there are moments of negativity, use your imagination to illuminate the negativity with light, love and understanding. If every angry person would only ask themselves why they are angry the anger would disappear in the analysis.

Be of the Light.


"What happens to the foods called Transgenetics or Genetically modified?" (Anonymous)

In the chapters of the book, we have spoken of concepts of food and their vibrations, and in other commentaries, we have spoken of the preservation of food and we have said that without the natural vibration the food is not healthy.

But you are already working with modification of foods, but to not cause confusion we will separate the types of modification of the food; that which you call splicing or implant such as is done with the lemon, orange or the peach and other similar fruits, of using a more tolerant stronger base (trunk) doesn't change the nature of the fruit. The implant is simply using a healthier feeding system. There is also a type of artificial pollination that is to improve the pollination normally done by the birds and bees. It doesn't modify the natural chain of the food since it is necessary for the pollen to move from one flower to another for the insemination. The form in which it is carried doesn't imply or cause an alteration of the physical or spiritual structure. When we speak of structures modified genetically, or transgenetics, we understand that we are speaking of a modification of the natural structure or order. A cat and a dog can have a relationship but it is not a fruitful one in that there is no fertilization. Now if the recipient was modified genetically perhaps the cat in this case to be receptive to the fertilization of a dog; it would be a new race similar to the mule, but it would not be natural nor fertile. It would be a hybrid and deformed mutant since it would not be a cat or a dog.

The genetic modification of food can be dangerous, it could be poisonous. Naturally there are some combinations that could be good such as a type of wheat resistant to the fungus or mold. The problem is that one cannot predict all of the secondary effects due to recombinations. If the tomato is modified to kill the worm what type of poison is taken into the human body. The evolution of food, a process of much time, occurs due to variations in the climate, land, temperature, fertilizers and solar radiation; all of which can produce a new species of the same plant. But modification of the structural chain can bring about unseen effects and unpredictable consequences. Does it make sense to modify genetically just to have big tomatoes? In Findhorn in Scotland and in other parts of the world they have cultivated large fruits and vegetables naturally, with good irrigation, fertilizers and control of the atmosphere. If they can naturally produce gigantic and flavorful fruits and vegetables, why then the genetic modification? It is not necessary neither is it predictable. We are speaking of thousands of millions of combinations in the identification chain and changing one element could create a new type of Papaya that could dissolve the stomach, cause cancer or that could be a direct poison to the system instead of helping in the digestion; it could cause premature senility, or it could destroy the immune system. Ah but you have AIDS to do that; is AIDS a result of genetic experimentation? We admit the possibility of creating a good combination, better than the original but when we speak of probabilities we speak of millions to one of making something bad and billions to one something good. Do you want to be the generation of guinea pigs?

Don't confuse genetic modification with clonification. Clonification as of yet doesn't include genetic modification; neither does artificial fertilization or fertilization in vitro.

The worst thing is that they are already experimenting with a new combination of synthetic artificial human life that is the combination that they think that you need. If one takes all the eggs of all of the women in a large city and fertilize them and it put them in a receptacle to grow, we still will have human beings, and those bodies will have conscious souls and we will have normal beings. But how many souls want a body modified genetically, where we don't know what would be the result. It would be good to eliminate illnesses like Diabetes, Cancer, AIDS, and perhaps the study of the genetic structure, some day it will be possible to help to eliminate diseases but not to modify the chain of life as it exists. Man is not God and how puerile it is for man to think that he can create better than the creator. Think of all the combinations of nature, of the undergrowths of grass, the trees, the flowers, and all that exists, millions of forms in many ways changing and evolving. The only evidence we have of man's ability to modify genetically has been the marine and terrestrial life in the pacific islands where they have exploded atomic bombs, creating genetic modifications by radiation, and they have created horrible, deformed monstrosities and creatures that are born only to die.

Don't be too worried, soon they will, with genetic modification, create human beings with two heads, the better to think and analyze with.

Nature doesn't need to be modified, man's attitude about nature is what needs to be modified and that doesn't require genetic modification but rather a moral and spiritual modification.

That is all for this time.


"What do you say at this time about the Palestinian and Israeli conflict?" (Anonymous)

That conflict is a very sad situation, the truth of it is difficult to understand, that part of the world, it is destined to be the Crucible, the point or axis of the human existence. The conflict is in its maximum point of boiling and it is ready to explode into war. We have tried not to comment, preferring to wait and see, analyzing the truth, but be clear that the teachings of the Islam, are not teachings of peace for the world, they are words of violence, dominance, intolerance and restriction. There are many true versions and many false versions of the real situation. But before you take out handkerchiefs to dry your eyes, remember that those whom are called Palestinians; did not exist in the beginning of the last century, they are not a country nor a specific group; and they never have been; they are of other Arab countries. People whose nomadic wanderings took them through that area. The Koran, the sacred book of the Islam, doesn't speak of Jerusalem as an important part of Islam, neither does it make any reference to Jerusalem, there is no religious nor historical basis.

Every time that a demand is met to bring about Peace they demand even more. The conflict is now like a volcano ready to explode; the problem is that in exploding, it can bring serious consequences to the planet and the world in general. Not that one should believe in Armageddon, but Armageddon is supposed to occur in that part of the world. There is no other place more ancient than the area from Israel to the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. It was the cradle of civilization, it all began there and there it can end.

The heart of the Muslim is full of hate, many years ago an Israeli leader said that there could be Peace between the Jews and the Arab, when the Arabs love their children more than they hate the Jews; but they obviously still don't love their children enough. The Old Testament that forms the base of the three modern religions including Islam, says that the people should not sacrifice their children to Moloch; the god of fire. But is not the human suicide bomber nothing more than a sacrifice to Moloch? If the world puts an international peace force in Jerusalem, then they would be the object of the Palestinian hatred as well.

It is not a simple thing, the western world can only pray, meditate and with the whole heart, send Light and understanding to that part of the world. The gods of war are on the horizon and much more blood will flow as the rivers of antiquity before this problem will be solved. That is all for this time.


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