Light Messenger

Volume 7, Chapter 3

"The Greatest Teacher is the example of self."
...from the guides.

Think Health!

Nearly everyday in the course of my work, I speak with individuals who are terminally ill, diseased, handicapped, mentally ill and some who feign disability as an excuse for their laziness. It is all part of my job, and sometimes it seems as if the whole world is disabled. Recently, I spoke with an attractive, intelligent woman who apologized for being nervous and not quite herself. She explained that she had just returned from taking her husband to four different hospitals for diagnosis and treatment of several ailments which began with a malignant lung tumor. Finally, doctors at the Houston Medical Complex had diagnosed an inoperable aneurysm and sent her husband home to die. Wishing that I could help, I told her of a friend who had been to that same Medical Complex in Houston and how he had been miraculously healed of very painful terminable cancer the night before he was to undergo major surgery. "So, miracles do happen," I remarked. Later when the woman was leaving our office, she smiled at me and said, "I am going to tell my husband what you said." Who knows? Perhaps my encouraging words may have been the spark of hope, or ray of light, that was needed to effect a healing. I certainly hope so!

At the other end of the spectrum: have you noticed the growing interest in health in recent years?. For example, how many joggers did you see today as you whizzed by them in your automobile? How many bicyclers did you step aside for as they passed you on the sidewalk? Or, did you see an elderly person walking briskly in your neighborhood? The health food business is escalating and fast food establishments are now cashing in on salad bars for the diet conscious. Soon, we will probably see McDonalds and Wendy's offering vegetarian burgers on their menus. Entire families are joining health spas, and bodybuilding is big business. Aerobic dancing and "Stop Smoking" clinics are springing up in nearly every city, not to mention alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs. Even major companies are promoting physical fitness programs for their employees. People are on the mend, and our technological society is finally beginning to think health!

Editor's Note

The following message addresses the subjects of healing and rejuvenation. Perhaps you will recall that the Brotherhood first spoke of rejuvenation in June, 1981. At that time, we asked the readers to let us know of their experiences so that we might share their stories with others, but to date, the only dramatic story with verified results has been that of the channel, Richard. When many of us experimented and attempted to employ the rejuvenation technique, we found it to be like a big puzzle with some of the parts missing. Our questions prompted the Brotherhood to respond with more details which they subsequently provided, including this message.

We suggest that you reread the Volume 4 Number 2 and Number 3 issues and study this new information carefully. We also recommend the rejuvenation package for those who lack the astrological skills to calculate their own rejuvenation and healing times. Friends, these concepts are not just idealistic ideas. They work! What better way to shine as an example of light to others than by exhibiting perfect health and stopping the clock on your own aging process! Hopefully, future issues of the Light Messenger will contain many success stories from you!

Messenger I - Keys To Healing & Rejuvenation (Apr 6,1984)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

In as much as there are several sessions that are being held for the purpose of future issues of the Light Messenger, our material shall not necessarily be of sequential format, for our time is not your time, and each Messenger has had the message entrusted to him in a time far more ancient than your minds could comprehend. We speak not that as a belittling term, but as a statement of fact.

There are many elements of the information that we have brought in the past where we barely touched upon a thing; and yet, there is so much that must be brought forth, so many tools and thoughts and concepts that become the foundation of your life. We are concerned with your response and understanding to many things. One of these areas is the response to the concept of the rejuvenation and the healing processes that we have spoken of in the past. We are approaching a time period in excess of three of your years from the time which we have given you the keys, or the beginning of the keys, to understanding the healing principles. We are puzzled by the small number who have utilized these guides. There are thousands upon ten thousands who seek healing, and there are thousands upon ten thousands who claim to be healers. We are not sitting in judgment.

It is important to recognize the multi-level nature of illness or disease. You are familiar with the concepts, but we shall reiterate briefly: There is disease of the body that is inherited from the parent. The soul, in choosing the parentage and the body that is becoming available, may well choose to accept this disease, not necessarily as a karmic factor, but to accept it because of the need for a physical form to express in. It may however, be that this particular disease is in harmony with a karmic principle of the soul.

The soul, at any time during a life, may cause an imbalance, an illness, or a disease as a result of karmic response to events within this lifetime or as a means of drawing attention to the imbalance within the life. And the soul may at will terminate your existence upon this plane, for it is the soul that puts you here, and it is the soul that knows when the time is complete.

You also suffer illness that has naught to do with your soul, but the soul permits it, for you have created it -- illness that is a result of your world, your society, your individual destruction of your body. Imbalanced thought, emotion and diet are more destructive to you than all the pollutants of your world. We do not lessen the importance of the pollutants, for they are terrible indeed, but more so are those things you create within or put within.

That which you term an accident may be self-inflicted or soul induced, and again, may serve a karmic need, or be the result of your own actions, or it may be the result of your presence in the world at this time.

Those illnesses which you have created or caused are within your power to heal through your own means, through the means of your medical practitioners and through the assistance of others of the healing profession. Those which are of the body at birth or are induced by the soul require the cooperation of the soul to heal. And no soul shall grant that permission until the consciousness recognizes the self-fault -- that the individual self is the cause and fault of this illness, whether in this lifetime or another and until that individual seeks to know or to have balance in the mind relevant to such things. It is not necessary that you discover the karmic cause; it is however, necessary that you at least seek that cause and open your consciousness to an inflowing awareness of those possibilities. Then and only then may healing occur.

Some individuals are ill because they desire to be ill. On a conscious or subconscious level, they enjoy the attention that they receive. And we say to you, that those who so desire to be ill shall indeed become ill in reality, for that which you create here is taken and made manifest in the plane of spirit and becomes a more permanent reality when its time is prolonged upon your plane.

Your healers may heal those illnesses which are temporary and are not of the soul, but are induced by self and have not yet a permanency. But in the process of healing, you are restoring the flow of energies, for it is not you that heals; it is the body itself. Within the cells and organs of the body in harmony with their astral counterpart is all the knowledge that is required to heal. What is needed most is the energy that the individual is no longer capable of bringing upon themself, or perchance they never knew how.

When we deal with illnesses of the soul, that is illnesses perpetrated by the soul or tolerated at birth by the soul, then we require the most propitious of timing.

Those principles of time that we did dictate as being once a month certainly may be used for healing in any of the categories, but are mandatory for those illnesses that are in the control of the soul itself. Time is like a combination lock in your world. Without it, you may not open the vault of healing. It is the moment of cooperation, and the moment and time when the two dimensions of reality are in synchronicity with one another. At that moment, the energy may flow. At other times, the energies given to other individuals shall be but a momentary respite. But one thing we did not mention in the past: That he who has no need to receive healing at that moment, should be aware that at that moment as a healer, he or she has the energy potential magnified, for at that moment the soul consciousness, the subconscious and the conscious mind are linked as one but for a moment. These elements are times when your biological Systems respond to a particular rhythm or pattern that is in harmony with the patterns above.

Not all things shall be healed, for healing does not violate the laws of your universe, but rather complements them. Healings are not truly miraculous; life is miraculous. The principle that brings life into being is the key, and the healing but a small portion of that energy. When the healer, or the healee, approaches that day of birth, that time when they first entered upon this plane, the day of birthing, when the primary energy source that is symbolic into your universe of your life, the sun, when it is in position as it was upon the day of your birthing, then the entire body is open to the energies. In the monthly time when the moon has returned its vibratory cycle to that harmonious vibration of your birth, one element of the body, one section, may be healed. But upon the day of your birthing, when the primary source of life for this universe is in the same harmonic vibration, then the entire body is part and parcel of the one energy of your total consciousness, and the energy of healing may flow without constraint throughout the system and be effective, as we have previously stated, in accordance with the will of the soul, the desire of the individual, and in harmony with natural law. (To clarify, the most propitious time for healing the entire body is when the sun returns to the same exact position where it was at the moment of your birth, on or very near your calendar birthday once each year. Further, specific portions of the body may be healed when the moon returns to its exact natal position in your birth chart, and that occurs monthly.)

The time that we have spoken of for rejuvenation... we have given you the time of the point of emanation... (The rejuvenation time occurs when the sun is exactly opposite to its birth position, approximately six months following your birthday. For example, if your birthday is April 5th and your sun is at 15 degrees of Aries, then your rejuvenation time will occur when the sun is at 15 degrees of Libra around October 9th.) That time and place when properly chosen, allows the structuring and restructuring of the physical self, and here are greater miracles in your utilization of the word, for here, that which is possible is beyond your system of belief.

Your body is often cut off from its spiritual counterpart and source, and because it is cut off and not in harmony or tune, it soon forgets its nature, its form of being and who it is. All things in the universes at all levels are reflections of each other. The microcosm and macrocosm concept is a reality, as above so below. Even as you, as soul-consciousness and now the present ego-consciousness to whom we write and speak, have lost your identity and know not your names, you remember not who you were, who you are. You have forgotten and might said to be diseased in your own way. So, the cells of your body, being cut off and severed from their spiritual reflection, have forgotten their names, their nature and purpose and do wander astray in strange and myriad paths. The body, having wandered thus in strange areas, begins to take on new forms that were not part of the original blueprint, hampered by the lack of spiritual communication, hampered by the lack of care and concern of the consciousness and impeded by the toxins and poisons of your world, your foods and your system. Pressured and destroyed by emotions and negative energies, the body soon begins to reflect the new person, the person of the world and not the person of the spirit. The innocence and beauty and energy of a child reflects the energy of the world of spirit, where those who suffer the deep infirmities of disease, reflect the nature of consciousness. All things are reflections of each other.

The soul that has chosen to take a body which is infirmed or disabled may choose not to correct that function, or malfunction, and that be within the wisdom of the soul. And though at this point in time you find it impossible to conceive, if we could but convey to you the power of your own reality of mind, you would understand that even the man with no legs could walk again. Reality is a thing of your own calling and creation, but that word that you term faith, knowing, understanding, comprehension, is so weak an element within your being that it is a distant future time when man shall totally reform the physical and materialize that which is required.

Does not your physical universe and physical scientist each day draw closer to the border of the realm of spirit? Do they now not speak in the language of our world and seek to use metaphors and terms that describe abstract realities in a term far more difficult to comprehend than the words we speak? All inquiry shall lead us back to the point of emanation. This is an orderly universe which appears to your eye to be disorderly, and yet, we see it as flowing within the harmony of the universal whole. The events of one lifetime or one generation are of little import to the picture of the whole, even as the tiny scratch upon your hand is of little import to the health of the body for the life, providing that it is tended to and not ignored.

Healing is a function of the individual. The world needs not for healers, but rather more individuals who know how to heal themselves. Until that time, the world shall need healers. In the sense of balance, both the healer and the recipient of healing should do all that is possible to remove toxins and imbalance from the body, especially prior to the healing itself. We have said little upon this matter, but we feel that the time is here. Those persons who seek to heal, upon the day in which they are healing, and here we speak of not the occasional or emergency event, but we speak of where a time is set aside and planned for healing, in that time, no food should be consumed within three hours of the time that the healing is to take place. Fluids as natural, may be taken, but no food should be present in the healer or the healee for optimum results. On the day of the month when the healing is most propitious, and on the birthday and the day of rejuvenation, we recommend that which you term fasting, or taking only the fluidic intake.

The healee, the healer, are one and the same, even though they be two different people and require the same balance of energy. Let all who receive healing, let all who heal, know that the body needs to be in a quiet stable state without the necessity of the attention to food. No alcohol may be present within the physical system within forty-eight hours of healing or the healing shall be impaired and out of balance. No drugs may be present, except those which are considered vitally necessary by your practitioners of medicine. We would not have one who takes life sustaining medication to cease, but all other drugs should not be present in the system, and many such drugs require days to be absent from the system in total. If these seem stringent requirements, then seek not healing, for it shall not be yours. You may not poison the body and expect energy to work in harmony with it.

When we see the continuous imbalance that is present amongst those who would call themselves healers, we ourselves are amazed at the success you do have. Let those who are healers seek to purify themselves in a more wholesome manner, bringing their diet, their passions and desires into balance, and let no one who is a healer allow other stimulants into their body at the time or day of their healing work. The healer should not partake on the day of healing of the stimulants of caffeine or nicotine, for these are elements which create an imbalance in the healer or healee's body at that time. Certainly, they may produce imbalance at other times, though a small amount of the stimulant of caffeine is not a negative thing, but upon the day of healing or the time of healing, it is not wise. The energy of healing flows through your being. How then can you offer that energy if you yourself, are not in balance? In all phases of the concept, if you are ill or out of balance and seek healing, then bring yourself into balance before you seek the healing. Create not more problems than are necessary.

The earth is important; it is the parent of your body. The sun is important, and those who leave not their ivory towers and set foot not upon the mother earth and feel not the warmth of the sun upon their face shall not also receive healing. If we chose the optimum place for healing, it would be in the most natural of settings. We recognize that is not always possible, but those who do not leave their ivory towers and do not partake of the nature about them, shall not receive effective healing. The most unhealthy place in your world is in those places you call hospitals, for there are no natural energies. If they would but bring living things into those places and bring more earth and air, they might be improved. Maintain life of the earth within an area of healing, and flowing water is often well, even if it be not but a small fountain, for the living things give off more energy than many of your healers possess. And he who having balanced all things and brought healing to himself and does not take time to share in the beauty and the joy of the natural energies about him, shall not keep that healing, but it shall deteriorate and fall away.

We give you no great secret, for throughout time, we and other teachers have brought this message repeatedly to you in many different forms. Give your body no more to eat than is necessary for its work and balance. Take of life as you must, but with the respect and appreciation in your consciousness for the life that is given for you. Take not in excess any thing, but maintain all things in balance, and you shall comprehend the patterns of health and well-being that you cannot begin to comprehend now.

How long shall a man live? Man is eternal; he shall live forever! From the birth of this universe, to its death, shall man be. But what of the physical form? Shall it also be eternal? It is not within the practicality of your soul's needs to maintain a perpetual physical form, for the physical form is a prison to the soul; yet we say, that you could double or triple that expectancy pattern of your life! And think it not so strange that there were those who did live to many ancient years.

He who comprehends the time and the secrets of balance shall maintain a physical form far longer than the average man, and he, who having attained physical balance then seeks spiritual knowledge and wisdom shall transcend the physical, and the physical shall be his tool when he chooses it, and when he needs it not, it shall not be. And yet he shall be again and again without delay or loss of time. All words are a mystery. All things have many meanings. You do not even any longer wish each other good health, but it potentially is yours. That is all at this time."

More On Rejuvenation

In the early fall of 1981 when the channel, Richard, had been very ill and was preparing for his first rejuvenation experience, we sought David's advice. Herewith, we present excerpts from our personal transcript, with the hope that it will further enlighten you on the rejuvenation concept.

"The concept of rejuvenation is a complex one. Let us deal with that form or energy that is about the physical body, that which you term the astral. This spiritual counterpart of the physical form contains within it a perfect duplicate without imperfection of your body. The astral body is what the physical form should be. When a form is dematerialized, you are returning all of the atoms that compose your body to the atmosphere about. You then utilize the blueprint of the astral form to rematerialize the form, the physical body. This is the basic essence of rejuvenation. A particular sector may be rejuvenated, again by copying from or referring to the astral form for the reference of perfection.

These transformations require tremendous energy. They require great focus of the mind, and the energies of the physical plane, the geographic sectors, must be optimum. The utilization of the crystal is an enhancement of the mind, of the consciousness. It brings a sharp imprint to the physical form, for as the light of the sun does fall upon the crystal, which is optimally placed over the third eye, the light does reach into the consciousness, and the memory is triggered as to the process of dematerialization. If the consciousness is open, no external stimulus is required. If the door between the soul and the soul-consciousness and the mind of consciousness is open, then no other energy sources are necessary, except that the geographic sector is still required in order to do that which is on the borderline of violating your laws of physics. Your basic laws indicate that large amounts of energy would be required to dematerialize a physical form. This is correct; however, the sources of the energy may be varied.

In the case at hand, the optimum time occurs in the middle of the night, more specifically, in the morning hours when the world is dark. It is a difficult effect to place the entity in the physical location that would be advantageous when the sun is rising. (In this case, the optimum location would have been South America, so instead we opted for the eastern seacoast of Florida.) We therefore, suggest that you employ a tri-level approach. At the time when the ascendant of event is conjunct the Pluto of the entity, the entity should be awakened or brought into awareness consciousness. It is not necessary that the entity arise. It is only necessary that the consciousness be made aware that this is the time. The next moment of time is that short time later when the exact point of opposite sun does occur. Again, the entity's consciousness must be made aware that this moment has occurred. We then suggest that you rise early, travel to the area by the water so that as the sun does rise, you are able to face it without the obstruction of that which man has made. And be concerned not with whether your eye does see the sun, for you may compute the exact time that it shall rise, and if you are there, then the path of energy is effective.

In the matter, the entity must dwell upon the visualization of the physical form disintegrating, dematerializing. Hold in your memory (directed to Peggia) the image of the form as you see it. Observe carefully what transpires and be prepared to use your own mental energy to assist in causing the form to take material substance again. Do not touch the entity during this time. When the sun has risen for five minutes beyond its moment of beginning, you may terminate. Do you comprehend?"

Peggia: "I think so, David. I want to be clear about my role in this. Am I to maintain a constant picture, in my own mind, of Richard's physical form at the time of dematerialization?"

"That is correct. The entity may not have sufficient energy to cause a rematerialization. All that is required is that you maintain the image so that there is a reference point. The entity may not be able to control the energy sufficiently to even dematerialize. We are not certain of that moment's effect."

"In my visualization, must I visualize him just as he is, or could I visualize him a little slimmer, as he would like to be?"

"All form that exists will be replaced. We therefore do not recommend an alteration of reality as you perceive it. We have, in the past, seen rejuvenation where the form was completely changed, but that is not possible here, for the energies are not at the maximum. When you are at the point of optimum energy for rejuvenation, at the moment that the sun does rise, the aura of the entity involved would become as a sun itself. And the entity then is no more, and there is but light, and then there is nothing, and then a form begins as light and is returned. The transformation energy is greater than the lightning bolt, yet no heat is produced. You seek a point of energy so great that the dimensions of two worlds co-exist. For each individual, the doorway of dimension is different in its final location."

"Should he stand for this effect, lie down or sit?"

"We would recommend the seated position."

"That means we need to take some chairs then."

"The entity is capable of sitting upon the ground. It is not comfortable, but the entity is capable. The minimum amount of clothing is to be worn."

"What about his diet the night before in preparation of this event?"

"The energy levels are too light to truly control. In the ordinary case, we would seek to cause a fasting, but that would be extremely dangerous in this matter. We therefore, recommend that the entity follow a diet which is in harmony with the physical self and which puts the least strain upon the system for digestion or concern. No food may be taken in the morning before the time, from the time that the sun approaches to the time that it is past, no food may be partaken."

"Yes, I understand. Is there anything else regarding this that we should know?"

"The location of the energy, that geographic sector, it is best or most advised that you remain in that sector for a period of time. This we did advise the entity previously, that in order to effect some direct benefit, the energy must be absorbed."

FINAL NOTE: Richard's first rejuvenation attempt was not 100% successful, though it did help his physical condition considerably. However, his second rejuvenation attempt in 1982, produced a complete healing of his cardiac problems, as he reported in the March 84 issue.

Messenger II - Dialogue: More On Healing (Apr 27,1984)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

There are many matters we wish to deal with, fragments of things that are not yet complete. One element that is of importance is the element relevant to various concepts of healing -- self and other, physical balance, energy structures. There are many sectors that you deal with, but let us go to the individual case of healing, and let us speak of the optimum condition in which you should be to receive healing. And all those who read these words who function as a healer remember them and give them to those whom you would serve.

In addition to the fact that we have told you the time of the month that is optimum for healing, we, of course, recognize that healing will take place at all other times as well. It is a degree of magnitude. But what physical state should the individual be in? What interferes with healing energy and the normal body energy?

When the energy flows through the physical form, it is often impeded by several elements within the body. One of these elements is toxins. Various toxins in the body itself become as roadblocks to the flow of energy, and a great deal of the energy is concentrated about these toxins to diminish their potential or to eliminate them. Thus, the healing energy may not reach the actual area that requires the healing. Further, when the body is busy in a particular process, it is often difficult for the energy not to assist that process. For example, digestion. If you have heavy foods within the stomach at the time of a healing, then the energy will go to assist the body in its most natural function. Healing occurs most effectively when the body can be at rest, when it can be relaxed and brought into that state, as in meditation, without any undue imbalance.

Even as we will speak of the healer, so we speak that the healee, the recipient, should cleanse the body by a fast. And in all times when we utilize the word fast, we do not speak of water alone, but we speak of liquids that sustain the body -- those fluids which provide a semblance of food and balance, but without particulate matter -- the purees, the broths, the juices that are strained, even to the milk which so many would decry as out of balance. We find amusement at the many declarations of the negativity of the element which gave you birth. Anything in excess is out of balance, but of those natural elements within your world, milk is one of those things that is a natural element of life. From the earliest time, man has used milk and cheese as a prime sustenance of his life force. Many have turned good health into fanaticism. Why is it that man in seeking for balance, reaches fanaticism which is the other extreme?

But in the healee, the recipient of energy, let the body be as empty of trouble and food and toxin as is possible. He who has alcohol in his system, direct healing should not be attempted upon. If at all possible, except in those who are seriously ill, no drugs should be in the body. Do not interfere with the practitioners of medicine, but remember well, that the purer the body is for the healing, the more effective the energy will be. In ancient time, it was required that they fast for three days before presenting themselves for healing. We recommend at least twenty-four hours.

Though we do not normally entertain any questions during our discourse, we do wish to make certain that you comprehend our words. Are we clear as we speak?"

"Yes, may I ask a question?"

"Only; if it pertains directly to the discourse."

"Yes, it most definitely does. In sharing this information pertaining to healing and a person's responsibility towards his or her own healing, should I suggest that for optimum healing results, that person should drink only liquids for at least twenty-four hours prior to coming for a healing?"

"That is correct. But that includes no toxins. No caffeine, no nicotine, no abnormal stimulants, purity within the body, and during such time, all waters that are taken should be pure. We speak of your civilized attempt to correct.

But alone is not the healee, for the healer has even a greater responsibility. They also must purify their system for the maximum effectiveness of energy. Would a man approach his king in a drunken or drugged state? It seems unlikely that one would do so, and yet, man, the flea of the universe, approaches the Universal Source to act as a channel in an imbalanced state. The healer must not have alcohol or drug within their system for no less than three days, for that is the time of dissipation within the physical body. If a healer they would be, then let them not consume the alcohol within seventy-two of your hours of the time of healing, and never in excess. Let them not utilize other drugs, for the healer who requires drugs to live, needs healing and is not a channel.

The healer, in approaching again the time of healing, should optimize the physical self with the reduction of food elements, so that the energy flow of the physical self may be complete. We would also recommend that the true healer who functions constantly consider eliminating the meat of the animal from their diet. It is an element of imbalance for energy, but if they must, then partake of it on one day of the week and heal not upon that day. In the times of the ancient Masters, they did, who functioned as healers, heal but once a month, and they fasted for one week prior to that time to optimize their energies. And for one week prior to the fast, they ate no meat. They did partake of the meat in the other times, maintaining a healthy body. The responsibility is there. All may seek to function, but we speak of those who would function in an optimum manner.

We see another element, that he who is to come for a healing, to receive a healing, be cleansed physically. We would have them come to the healing freshly bathed and freshly clothed. And wear not all these articles of jewelry, for what reason does he who seeks healing come laden with gold and brass, that he who seeks healing come with some humility in the heart, without adornment, with simple garments, so that the healing may be more effective. We care not how beautiful they may appear to the eye. We are concerned with the beauty of the self. So also it be with the healer. Is the healer to impress the recipient by their dress or by the poundage of metal they carry? If so, then lay the recipient on the table and pour metal upon him. All of these things interfere and create imbalance.

In your modern science, you comprehend the need for cleanliness, and when you make your micro circuits of electronics, you do it in rooms that are sterile with no dust particle. You clean your operating rooms of the hospital and are surgically prepared, and yet, you would use energy of far greater force with all of the imbalance about one. No metal may circle the neck, the arm, the ankle. We prefer to see simple fabrics. We do not lay this upon you, but we do tell you that all things that are about you should vibrate in harmony. There are many who heal who fail to observe the same requirement to cleanse the body and to wear garments which are fresh and clean.

And a new element that is old we remind you of. We know not where it was lost, but we suggest to find it, that he who heals have beside him a basin of water and a towel to wash his hands before and after each healing. It is not only symbolic, it is practical within your own world of knowledge of health. In a hospital, no doctor would operate without first scrubbing; yet, many doctors touch patient after patient without washing the hands, forgetting the primary law. It is equally so for the healer, for not only are the viral and germ elements attached to the hand, but also the negative and unseen forces of illness.

If we were to define the ultimate form of a healer, we would see those who should do it robed in simple robes of white. It may not be practical within your society, but these were the optimum conditions. Is there any question in this point of matter?''

"Concerning some of these stimulants, such as vitamins or the herb...

"A vitamin is not a stimulant. You are well aware of the use of that word within your society. A stimulant is nicotine, caffeine, alcohol or drugs of other natures.''

"The herb guarana?"

"It is an herb that is not a drug. It is not an extract. It is as nature has given it. It is used as a tonic and is not a medicine or a drug or an abnormal stimulant. All foods are stimulants in their own respect. The chocolate is a stimulant, but we deny it not. It is those stimulants which are taken in abnormal quantities. One cup of coffee within the day does not a stimulant become if it is taken early in the day, but he who would drink six or seven cups late in the day before healing has stimulated the body and is not operating in a proper flow. In order to be an effective channel, we would have the body in its physical sense slightly ready to withdraw, or tired, as you may term it, or rested at least, but not stimulated. It is not your body we need for the healing, but your consciousness. When the body's demands are greater than the consciousness, the consciousness is masked, and the energies flow not. Does that answer?"


There are other matters that go beyond, and we would address this issue of those who decry the necessity to be vegetarian. The human body in its ultimate evolutionary concept could well survive without the destruction of life, that is to say, the form of life you term animal. But we remind you that all things are living, even the plant, and those plants that you destroy to eat also have a force of life. But this is not a negative thing. It is a sharing and a common balance. There are men who in their physical work require extraordinary quantities of protein in their diet, and they may find the solution only within the meats of animals. And for one reason, these animals have been made available to man to serve him.

It is not the element of eating the meat alone, but the conscious attitude that is about it. Within your structures, you are like little children. One individual says an egg is suitable. Another says it is not lest it be fertilized. Let us answer that one, but we shall not deal with all of the trivial trite things that you have contrived. An egg that is not fertilized is not meat. It is like the seeds of the earth and the milk of the cow, a natural product given. The egg which is fertilized, we say to you, is meat. And if one were to concern themself with the Biblical dietary law, then the egg is dairy, but when fertilized, is meat or poultry. From the standpoint of balance, the animal, the chicken, will produce the egg for your use, and if it be unfertilized, it is better in the sense that it is not meat. Those products that are dairy, to provide a complete structure of protein, and the other protein sources your society is now beginning to produce... It is more practical to produce the protein of the earth and of the dairy product than it is the flesh of an animal, for it costs more to produce the flesh of the animal by a magnitude than the other.

Ultimately, man will evolve to the point where he will little partake of meat, and then not at all, but it shall require time for the physical forms to change and evolve. And once the body has tasted of meat in these present times, a true vegetarian it may never be. It is the child that is born and reared with proper balance of diet, with great concern for the balance of these foods, that can be the progenitor of future generations who shall not need to take the flesh of an animal. But it shall not be accomplished in one or two generations, for the physical form needs to evolve. The reason man has not been previously given the message to be vegetarian is his knowledge of the construction of food and the needs of the body was not sufficient. Nor do we say to you who have lived half or more of your span upon this earth, change suddenly and become the vegetarian. Symbolically, that is an element of consciousness that is beautiful, but in reality, it is not always practical. But as you take a piece of meat, take a moment of respect for the life force that did exist in giving it.

As you would be fanatical and make laws and structures governing such things, remember that we find such fanaticism amusing, because we have seen the result of it. The man who says, 'I believe this thing to be correct for me, but I know not what is correct for you,' is a wise man. But he who says, 'This system is for all men,' is a fool indeed. You have the other group of individuals who term themselves macro or microbiotic, and they say that the food is important and balanced and harmonious, but that they may indulge in stimulants and toxins. Need we ask who the fool is? If one wishes to analyze to that level and then partake of alcohol and nicotine and other substances, need we call them fool for you to understand? They have created a system to fulfill their own desire, and it is not in balance or harmony with the universal law.

Time shall be taken, but plan for the generations of tomorrow today else they shall not be. Seek to remember that these multitude combinations of food that you partake of now are not in the best balance for your digestive system. The digestive system of man would prefer a mono diet -- one type of food or small combinations at a given time, rather than a wide combination. That does not mean that your society shall permit, but wherein possible, provide one type of food or one class of food at a time. If you are going to partake of meat, then let the meat be the dominant thing until the body has been able to absorb it, and then provide another type of food. In the ancient time, man partook of food as he found it, and one day it might be grain, another the flesh of an animal, another might be dairy alone.

Your society has evolved and changed, but the needs of man have not. What have these things to do with your message? We say this to you, that no being has ever ascended to the higher planes beyond the third, to our plane of reckoning, without having first brought the physical form to perfect balance. Time is required, but intent also. In those times in ancient period when we dwelt upon physical land as you, in the last times, we ate no more than was necessary of one type at a time or a day and took no life for our sustenance in our entire life of being. But those who would tell you that they shall subsist upon fruit alone... I believe you have a word for them that is of the same name, they are out of balance. The taste of fruit is sweet to the lips, but bitter to the stomach and the system, for it provides not sustenance. Your body is a beautiful instrument which when finely tuned will be a receptacle for your consciousness for many years. And as you seek to be a channel, the more perfectly the body is in balance, the more perfect a channel you shall be.

The transformation, the healing of the physical self, requires many things in balance, and not the least of these are your emotions. And he who cannot control, comprehend and balance the emotions, also needs healing, and a healer is not. Those who are in storm or imbalance should not be healing. Many you have who are potential healers who work effectively if you could but isolate them from their daily routines, but because of their involvement with the world, they storm and imbalance the body. Difficult then, is it then to be? Yes, it is and shall always be! There are many who claim to heal; there are few whose hands produce the fire of purification.

What then of other devices such as crystals and jewels and colored rays? We say to you, use those things which are tools to your consciousness and are of value to you because of their natural property. But know this, he who has reached the level of awareness knows that all colors emanate from the one which is white, and all jewels are but focus points for the physical, and that the consciousness may create the ray or color that is necessary.

We are seven in the Brotherhood. We are seven colors which are but separate vibrations which when combined make one. Each of us produces a vibratory pattern similar to the seven colors of your rainbow at our level of vibration. I believe you term the word harmonic, and we are indeed the ultimate harmonic of those seven colors. Yet, if any one of us touch you, the energy is the same, and yet we are different, and yet, when together, we are one. The vibratory pattern of each color passing through you is symbolic of the rainbow which you are, for you also are seven parts interlocking and producing seven rays, which is a rainbow pattern which is your aura, which in harmony, is a rainbow flowing within itself which is white.

Heal and be healed, but be in balance. Be there question further relevant to this message?"

"In the vegetarian diet, what do you consider chicken and fish?"

''It is meat.''

"Are they both meat? Is the fish also considered to be meat?"

"The fish is an animal form of consciousness. It has life, it has blood. It dies.''

"Is there a form of prayer or blessing that one should utilize if one is partaking of flesh?"

"Was it not of ancient time given, that man should always be thankful for that which he has received? One may thank the Universal Source or one may thank the force of life that gave itself for you. There is no one form more practical than another, but to be aware, to be thankful, to be humble in the sharing and the giving for you, for these forces did come into being to serve you. And are you not grateful to any servant who gives his life for you?''

"Cleansing the hands in water after the healing may sometimes be impractical. We have these things called 'Handiwipes' and...

"There is a chemical which is toxic. Speak not to us of that which is impractical. Your lifestyles are impractical. We tell you that which is in balance and argue not the elements. Speak not of putting chemicals upon your hands. We said water and water it is.''

"Water without the use of soap?"

''It is not only symbolic, for even viruses and germs are loosened from the hands and washed away. Would you touch a leper and then touch a healthy man?"

"Of course not'"

"We utilized, as have many of the ancients, sand and water, for we had not soap. That is all from the Brotherhood for this time.

Questions and Answers

"In a previous session, you spoke of flowing water within the healing environment. Would a small fountain be appropriate to bring within the room, and could this water be charged by the healing energies to also be beneficial for consumption by those who come in for healing?"

"It might well indeed be. We used to take them to the river to heal so we had flowing water. But yes, the object of a fountain might well be so. It would require a fountain which was similar to that used for the wine in your catering system, wherein you might place water that had been energized, prayed upon and then placed in the fountain to both balance the atmosphere and to serve those recipients. Do you comprehend?"

"Yes. I would like, in bringing in this element, to know that it is based on the actuality, without creating a mysticism or ritual concerning it."

''Even in that, there is value. We used the river as a point of healing, because the life force flowed about us, the force that gave life to the fish of the river, to man, and was his source. Today, I tremble at the thought to stand in one of your rivers so.''

Conversations with David

As always, the subject matter of this section is derived from the great volume of transcripts that have accumulated since Richard has been operating as a channel with his guide, David.

"I need some help regarding my health. I'm physically depleted. I'm in an exercise program, I've lost some weight. Can you give me any help in relation to that?"

"One, you need to lose much more weight. You may not take an active role in life and maintain the body structure of one who does not. You also require more protein in your dietary system, especially in the early part of the day. It is necessary for you to bring your diet in balance with at least twice the normal minimum requirement of protein per day, and we are speaking of protein that is complete, that which is obtained from dairy or meat. The vegetable protein, at this time, is insufficient for your needs. Further, you will require some stimulation of the adrenal centers. The herb guarana will assist you."

"You're not saying red meat, are you?"

"We said meat. That includes red meat. When a man wishes to do a man's work, he requires the protein that is available from those sources. Your dietary systems have been accustomed to meat for too many thousands of years to suddenly switch into the other unless you are in a sedentary function."

"Is there anything related to my physical exercise that you can tell me?"

"There is nothing negative. You are aware of your own limits and your ability to exceed them in time. All things with due moderation. As you well know, the exercise of swimming and walking provides the best total combination for the body. It is important that at this time, you take the situation into hand and stop the procrastination."

"In what area?"

"In the matter of exercise and weight control. You have been controlling your weight, I believe it is quoted as such, for several years, but have not brought the matter under control. You are fully capable with the healings, the rejuvenation and your own will power to bring that body into balance, but a weak will not accomplish the task. You must dedicate yourself to creating a sound physical form."

"David, do you have any suggestions about my diet that might be of benefit now?"

"Each individual needs to look at their dietary patterns. What is required for the health of the body? What is unnecessary? In general, your people eat too much, and of what you eat, there is often an insufficiency of those things which are of the best interest. The human body is an adaptive machine. It is capable of processing many different types of food in order to keep the system running efficiently. It is not a question of that which is out of balance in your diet, as a matter of your examining the patterns yourself.

Those things which stimulate the body are detrimental, except when used in a medicinal manner. The two greatest evils that man has introduced into his dietary patterns are nicotine and caffeine, and we do not err in the term nicotine as a dietary, for by taking the smoke, you ingest it, and it becomes part of your blood system. That which enters the blood is that which has been eaten or taken in. These two things upset the balance. When used, the caffeine is used as a minor stimulant. Under extreme fatigue, it is in balance. The third element which has been with man since the beginning is alcohol. It is not that it in itself is an evil, but the rate and volume of consumption is a negative thing.

But if we were to examine all the things in your society, that thing we would want the least that you consume in great quantities is the water you drink. I say to you, that we would not touch it and would sooner drink the pure alcohol than the water that is present in your cities here. The toxic levels in your bodies that we are able to sense, especially in the negative elements for man, is extremely high for those of you that drink the water as it is obtained. Drink the water that is from other areas or that which is distilled. And remember, those of you that control the home, a filter is a practical thing in the total water system, for even by showering in the water, do you absorb many of its toxins into your system.

There are various means of purification of the body. One of them is to fast for a two or three day period with the fluids of the fruit and the proper cleansers for the system. Your toxic levels accumulated in your bodies removed from your body and fed to a child would kill that child instantly."

"Are cheeses alright for me?"

"All products of the earth are good for the individual when taken in balance. Cheese is a natural product. Man has been employing it as a food for more time than you can count. There are individuals who develop allergies. Many allergies are the result of other toxins in your body refusing to allow you to accept that which is beneficial to you. Anything taken in excess can produce an imbalance."

"Can you see anything regarding my health that I should be aware of or should be told about?"

"Remember that it is wise to empower the food that you eat with your own consciousness energy before partaking, always to sense the energy of a place where you eat and the food before you take it. The physical body is your vehicle, and it is within your power to repair and reconstruct in many areas. It requires your conscious attention. We find no matter that is of significance at this moment.

Remember this: That those of you who seek to work in the light, who seek to provide an opportunity for others and for future generations, that if you do not maintain yourselves in balance or a semblance of balance, then how shall you be of service? And of what example shall you be if you stand before others with your ailments hanging out before you? As an advertisement for wellbeing and spiritual balance?

It is not fanaticism that is needed, but a practical direct approach to good health. You cannot say, 'I know this is bad for me, but I'm going to take it,' and then say, 'I am in balance.' It is necessary to remember that which is out of balance is disharmonious. There are many things you consider out of balance which are not. But who plays what game in what mind? You ask of your health, the entity, (anonymous), and yet you consume the toxins at an alarming rate for your system. And if we accumulate the toxins you have put into your body in the lifetime to date, they are formidable indeed. And yet you are cognizant of their danger, are you not?"


"Then speak not of questions of health until you do those things which are logical and known to your mind. We would assist you in any matter and provide you information you do not have access to, but use that which you have. Use the talents and abilities that you have acquired, that came with you into this life and that are made available to you by your fellow creatures. And having used these and reached the potential of their use, reach out for more information and more knowledge that you may be more complete."

"I recently learned that I have high blood pressure. What do you suggest that I do about it?

"In order to bring the body system under better control, you would need to change many of your patterns of behavior and dietary elements. The stimulants are not possible to take into the system and maintain the balance. That includes the stimulants of caffeine as found in the coffee, the tea that is not of the herbal, and the soda. It also requires a reduction of the red meats, more regular exercise and small meals with sections or portions of food at greater intervals. An element of the exercise becomes very important. You seek to bring the body in balance, but you tend to react and move beyond the speed of a human body. You are putting excessive strain upon it. The elements within the meditation... Whenever stress is present, utilize a moment or two of meditation. Transforming your consciousness to the room will cause the physical form to relax."

"Previously, we asked about the linkage of the healer with the healee, and you explained how at that moment in time, the healing channel steps into the space of the recipient. Is that the moment when the healing actually manifests, or is energy simply brought in to create a healing mode?"

''The energy is brought in at that time. You may bring energy wherever your consciousness resides. Therefore, as you are within that space, then by drawing the energy of that moment, you have effectively caused the energy to flow in and about another physical form, but triggered by your consciousness in the same manner as if they had brought it in themselves. It is a difficult concept to grasp and to deal with, for in a form, it seems to be similar to the concept of possession. It is not."

"That, I completely understand."

"We make the point though, for those who would read these words, that it has not relationship to possession, that many things may occupy the same time and space. When energy is moved about, it is moved and directed and attracted to consciousness which needs not a physical form. One could stand in the middle of the desert and draw energy to their consciousness and have their body elsewhere. The energy would then coalesce in that space. Energy drawn in that manner where your consciousness is, is capable of taking on the form and shape of that which you term your astral body or your form of consciousness. The importance of this point is that which is called a materialization of another -- where an individual bilocates, I believe you speak. When that occurs, you are looking at a consciousness that has projected itself to another point, drawn energy into the consciousness space and thereby manifested a physical form for a short period of time."

"When making a link for healing, is there any point within this interconnection in which the recipient's guide is there to either allow the flow to continue or to turn it aside, according to that soul's karmic needs?"

"It is not the guide that would so do; it is the soul-consciousness itself that will accept or reject, providing you are offering it in that manner. It is possible to apply energy directly to the physical, contrary to the will of the soul, but that requires a deliberate effort upon your part."

"I do not involve myself or my students in healing without prefacing that the healing should be mental, spiritual, emotional or physical, according to that soul's needs. Is this an important acclamation to use?"

"It is. It is, as we have said, but yesterday in our time concept. The thing that must be contained is the lack of individual desire to force, but only the desire to assist in compliance with the will of the soul. It is a complex thing, and we consider often the tools we give, for in giving you the tools to work with, we also make it possible for you to err in their utilization. It is not a case however, of the lesser of evils. It is a case of the need being present and you having the karmic responsibility to utilize the tool properly."

"I have a sense of great responsibility in sharing knowledge and information with those seeking to serve as healing channels, and I want to be absolutely sure that information is correctly given and that it is justifiable."

"You are in balance with your attitude in concept. We find no error in your utilization of the energy. And know this, that he who repeatedly misuses the energy shall deplete the spiritual reservoir of his own ability in a short period of time. It is, as the entity has used the term, a spiritual bank account. You may draw from it for your personal needs, but you replenish it through your service to others. When service to others is self-motivated, self-glorifying, it becomes self-defeating, and the spiritual bank account is not replenished and the individual is then depleted. There are natural patterns of individuals who will fall prey to this, and even the best of students are tempted. It is not your concern for them beyond the initial point. When you have taught and brought the message, and they have understood, your responsibility ceases."

"Health is the product of spiritual, mental and physical balance." ... from the Brotherhood.

Copyright by Richard Rebeck, Peggy Steinberg, Salvatore Cacciola